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PetWellClinic signs sizeable multi-unit deal in Salt Lake City 


PetWellClinic signs sizeable multi-unit deal in Salt Lake City 

The pet wellness brand plans to add 12 locations to its name in Utah with existing franchisees

PetWellClinic has announced the signing of a multi-unit agreement for 12 new locations across Salt Lake City, Utah. The brand has signed the deal with Ed and Betsy Erb, existing franchisees who signed an eight-unit deal in Baton Rouge and New Orleans last year. 

After a decade in the military and in various corporate positions, the couple decided to sign the Baton Rouge and New Orleans deal to embark on something new in their lives. Betsy currently works as a veterinary assistant while applying to veterinary school.  

“When visiting Salt Lake City recently with our pets, one fell under the weather and we could not find an open vet appointment for months,” said Betsy.  

“It felt like a sign to Ed and I that we needed to do something to help this community. There is significant need for affordable walk-in vet care in Salt Lake City, and we know that PetWellClinic’s quality, essential services will help alleviate some of the stress pet owners face when trying to find an appointment.” 

The brand’s preventative care services allow owners to anticipate pets needs and health issues. As a result, pet owners can plan ahead and provide the best care at a more reasonable price. 

“At our clinics, we provide quality care to our pet patients, but beyond that, we pride ourselves on the work-life balance we offer to our veterinarians,” says Dr. Sam Meisler, DVM, founder and CEO of PetWellClinic.  

“With manageable work hours and streamlined services, there aren’t any stressful surprises. Our vets can focus more on their patients with the added benefit of leaving work ‘at work.’ PetWellClinic fosters an environment of care and kindness and that starts with our own staff.” 

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