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Friday 3rd February, 2023

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How Kare Plus is empowering healthcare professionals around the world


How Kare Plus is empowering healthcare professionals around the world

Kare Plus: A U.K. healthcare model built for durability, adaptability, and scalability, globally

Kare Plus: A U.K. healthcare model built for durability, adaptability, and scalability, globally.

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Following huge success in the U.K., Ireland and the U.A.E., Kare Plus, a leading multiservice healthcare workforce solutions provider, is now seeking entrepreneurs in Australia who understand the exponential prospect of operating within the healthcare industry, for master franchise or multi-unit area development opportunities.

Originally founded as a nursing provider to the NHS in 1989, Kare Plus was built to be different – it was built to be future-proof. Whilst maintaining and developing the brand’s fundamental values and foundations, Kare Plus has consistently evolved alongside the increased demand and opportunities the healthcare sector presents, offering its business owners multiple income sources and access to new opportunities.

The true evolution of Kare Plus really came into effect back in 2010 when the brand was purchased by the then franchisee of Kare Plus West Midlands, Steve Welsh. Joining the network at the start of the last recession, Steve grasped the opportunity with both hands, and with the help of our experienced clinical, operational, and regulatory support team, rebranded the model and modified the operations and support infrastructure, built from a franchisee’s perspective.


Knowing how fundamental support is to business success, Steve knew that by setting the right foundations, he would be able to partner with like-minded individuals who shared his passion for quality care. Under this ambition, he led the business to further expansion, developing a brand that was locally known but to be globally grown.

Since 2010, Kare Plus has grown from three businesses to over 70 across the U.K. and since 2016, it underwent international expansion with master franchises opening in Ireland and United Arab Emirates.

With a franchise model that is uniquely placed to take advantage of the changing healthcare landscape, it is no wonder the opportunity is so attractive. With over 30 years of operating in the industry, Kare Plus is one of the most experienced and diverse healthcare franchises in the U.K. and is truly one that has refused to sit still. Instead of running the risk of plateauing, it consistently diversifies.


Kare Plus now seeks to partner with entrepreneurs and strong business leaders to operate Australian master franchises and multi-unit territories across all six states. The adaptable and versatile model provides durability as well as scalability with both the supply of healthcare staffing solutions and delivering care in people’s own homes.

Unlike most franchised models in the healthcare industry, Kare Plus Franchising doesn’t just provide the opportunity to operate as a healthcare staffing provider, nor does it solely offer itself as a home care provider – it offers both, thus giving the businesses the pedigree to establish, build, grow and evolve.


To further cement the foundations for the brand, Steve appointed Yvonne Tomlinson to become chief executive officer. Yvonne joined Kare Plus in 2018 and was appointed to CEO of the company in January 2020.

Taking over this prestigious helm, Yvonne has already driven unparalleled results for the brand and aided the further development of the organization, advancing its services into the provision of GP locums, social workers, pharmacists, and dental nurses.

“I have known of Kare Plus from a competitive angle, even before joining the brand. Its passion for care and growth has always been a great draw for me and really was what attracted me to Kare Plus. This passion is evident daily, not only from our experienced team of support professionals but also with our network, on a global scale,” said Yvonne.

“Reflecting on the advantages of working with an organization experienced within the sector, not only is a care franchise a smart and lucrative investment, it is a chance to open a business that is not only personally rewarding but also improves lives. Being able to provide a wide variety of workforce solutions enables not only more choice for our customers but also multiple revenue streams for our offices. Kare Plus has developed a broad range of services that achieve the high standards of care and support our customers expect. These services grow and expand year on year, ensuring our franchise owners can capitalize on demand.

“By supporting our network to deliver multiple high-quality services, our model ensures a diversity of income, new opportunities, and most importantly a future proof investment. This also means that where other franchisors will set you up with a business, we will support you to grow and adapt to your local market, the ever-changing demands of the industry and challenges of the economic climate”.


This platform of functionality would prove testament in future years, offering the Kare Plus network greater resilience in times of uncertainty and economic challenge; such challenges we would all be facing without prediction or warning.

No one could have comprehended that we would be facing the challenge of a global pandemic in 2020; COVID-19 seemed to come as quickly as a tsunami and for some sectors, will have had an almost similar devastating impact. One that may be hard to recover from.

The severity of COVID-19 has brought many industries to a halt; however, the healthcare sector is one that has had to endure and even expand. Whilst the health and safety of our network and customers are at the forefront of what we do, there is a continuation of the increases in demand for our services.


Consequently, to meet demand, Kare Plus is now seeking additional franchise partners to join its dynamic network and are ready and waiting to speak to people who want to make a positive difference to their local community, nationally and globally.

Kare Plus has consistently evolved alongside the increased demand and opportunities the healthcare sector presents, offering its business owners multiple income sources and access to new opportunities”

Yvonne Tomlinson, CEO for Kare Plus Franchising, said: “The Kare Plus model puts franchise owners at the forefront of healthcare needs within local communities. After working in this hugely rewarding sector for many years I know how important it is to be able to offer a variety of care provisions and deliver a variety of specialisms to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

“Everyone’s needs are unique and with that Kare Plus understands that everyone wants something different from the care and support they receive. By continually improving the accessibility and enhancement of care provision, Kare Plus is able to wholly support its franchisees to meet the ongoing needs and wants from those in their local community.”


Prior to joining the brand under a master franchisor license in May 2018, entrepreneurs Kirk Robinson, Paul Hayes, and Michael Hayes were looking for a new challenge. After discovering Kare Plus online they knew it was one for further investigation. Coming from a non-healthcare background they saw the benefits of working with a master franchisor and intrigue led them to discover more.

“I was looking for an opportunity to help people and was motivated to take on an exciting and rewarding new venture. When I initially looked at the business model, it fitted in with my sentiment, and looking at Kare Plus it was very clear to see the company’s success throughout the U.K,” Kirk said.

“On our first visit to the head office in the U.K., we were really impressed with the organization’s structure and the support staff within. By our second visit, the enthusiasm shown by the team and the integrity shown by Yvonne Tomlinson made it an easy decision to take on a Kare Plus master franchise.

“One of the core benefits and strengths of a franchise is the support you receive,” Kirk said. “From day one the support I received was second to none. I have thoroughly enjoyed working so closely with key members of the support team, and it feels as if they have now become part of the Kare Plus Ireland team!”


As an ever-growing healthcare franchise network, the services that Kare Plus offers are very much in demand; the diversification of care services means the need for greater care and support services continue to rapidly increase.

Whilst the severity of COVID-19 has brought many industries to a halt, the healthcare sector is one that has had to endure, evolve, and adapt to the demand.

“The severity of COVID-19 has brought many industries to a halt; however, the healthcare sector is one that has had to endure and even expand”

The demand for healthcare providers is greater than ever and Kirk confirmed that he has seen this reflected, even during the pandemic: “We have been able to award five franchisees during the COVID-19 pandemic which truly reflects the strength of the sector and that of the opportunity. This, paired with this support, means I can confidently say I would have no hesitation in recommending Kare Plus to any potential investor.” In addition to the five sites awarded in Ireland, the U.K. has seen further expansion through the awarding of 11 new franchise sites. So, in summary, what really makes Kare Plus unique in the U.K., Europe and beyond?

  • High-quality control, management, and regulation
  • Workforce solutions within its own network that are trained and properly qualified and vetted centrally
  • Well-invested infrastructure and platform for long-term vision of expansion of its unique model into Europe and internationally, where demand is increasing rapidly
  • Continuous innovation and technology which is such a necessary requirement for the sector
  • Fresh and innovative approach to marketing
  • Highest quality of care above all else

Our tried and tested service endeavors to provide safe and responsive outcomes using established processes to minimize the potential to make mistakes, therefore safeguarding the end user. Our workforce solutions, rigorous training, strong infrastructure, bespoke technology, IT systems and experienced leadership means that quality control is maximized and results in the highest quality of care for our customers.

We have invested significantly in our infrastructure, in-house technology, and workforce solutions serving all segments of market at premium level. Providing highest levels of quality control and empowering and providing our own staff, carers and specialist nurses.

And as the founder was originally a franchisee of the brand, we all understand the franchising evolution and use our experience as a benchmark. We have developed a world-class support system and operate and monitor with our own bespoke systems and software. We have a strong support system that attracts high-quality franchisees and allows them to thrive with our guidance.


Year established: 1989

Number of total units: 80+

Locations of units: Globally

Investment range: Price on request

Minimum required capital: Price on request

Contact: 01952 783 338

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