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Sunday 2nd October, 2022

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Franchise watch: TRIB3 is fusing experience and results


Franchise watch: TRIB3 is fusing experience and results

The boutique fitness model, but not as you know it

The boutique fitness model, but not as you know it.

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The events of the last 12 months have certainly posed challenges and expedited change in all industries. In the fitness sector, facilities of all shapes, sizes, and offerings have had to adapt to distancing measures, enhanced hygiene processes, and other key safety procedures. But the pandemic has also shone a spotlight on the fitness industry as a positive force for change.

One of the most important messages for the fitness industry and for the public at large, throughout the pandemic, has been that being physically active is crucial to long-term health and staying fighting fit. The team at boutique fitness franchise, TRIB3, continues to move forward to keep growing its global family and get more people around the world moving – with its unique business model it is able to be extremely resilient to distancing measures while not compromising on the experience customers know and love.


TRIB3 is an exciting ‘volume boutique’ model fusing 45-minute zoned HIIT workouts and industrial-luxe design to create an unforgettable boutique workout experience. TRIB3’s proprietary TRI training system, Treadmills, Resistance and Intensity, and unique studio design allows for 42 to 60 spots-per-session, facilitating a lower price-per-session for consumers to maximize the available target market and creating a fast, effective breakeven point for store owners even with distancing measures in place.

In the two months after reopening its U.K. stores, TRIB3 saw +80 per cent of pre-COVID usage and an average NPS score of 78, demonstrating the resilience and exciting potential of the business model.

At TRIB3, customers are guaranteed results, burning up to 1,000 calories per session. But they are also guaranteed to feel right at home, with social connection squarely at the heart of the brand.

Ultimately, inclusivity and community are some of the organization’s fundamental values so one of the things the TRIB3 team has been working on is how to make its business model as accessible as possible to support the seamless transition of the brand into new, global territories.

Chief development officer, Karl Dietrich, says: “The continued growth of the fitness sector is hugely important and franchising allows people who are wishing to start their own fitness facility to do it with less risk and continuous support, throughout the lifetime of their franchise business. The TRIB3 experience is purpose-designed as a ‘one studio, one workout’ offering creating one simple, compelling model. This allowed us the flexibility to adapt quickly and effectively to COVID-19 and associated distancing measures. It’s been imperative for us to develop COVID-secure processes to run our stores and support our franchisees and future master franchise partners.”


The flexible TRIB3 model leverages demographic and locational analysis, delving into where prospective franchisees want to base themselves, to offer a tiered size and investment model.

This means that depending on where a store will be located and the capital available to support that venture, franchisees can choose to open a smaller, more focused workout studio, or with larger amounts of available capital, a full TRIB3 store which includes an expansive social area and full-service Mixology bar.

“In the two months after reopening its U.K. stores, TRIB3 saw +80 per cent of pre-COVID usage and an average NPS score of 78”

A smaller, focused studio has shown itself to be popular in highly residential areas while a larger, full-service store booms in corporate or high footfall locations. Either way, the fundamental TRIB3 studio and workout experience are always the same, as this is the thing that drives customers to come back time and time again.

This means that for franchisees, they can start their own TRIB3 for as little as £59,000 initial investment, and for master franchisees the process to recruit is simple and robust as the low levels of capital required opens up the largest possible audience.


Becoming a master franchise partner, with the ability to sub-franchise within your agreed country or own an exclusive country development agreement to open your own stores, means entering a booming and vital industry with the highest levels of support and operational excellence.

Boutique fitness represents the fastest growing proposition within the sector, indexing well with the large and influential Gen Z and millennial generations who, in 2018, represented around 70 per cent of membership/affiliation with boutique studios.

TRIB3 was created by one of the pioneers of the U.K. boutique market, Kevin Yates, and is underpinned by a highly experienced team with decades of collective experience in the fitness industry.

With a proven, scalable model that allows for a fast break-even in each and every store, TRIB3 is focused on expansion worldwide, recruiting for passionate, energetic master franchise partners to bring more people together through next-level workout experiences, worldwide.

In choosing to partner with TRIB3 as a master franchisee, you purchase the rights to develop an exciting, effective business that mirrors proven franchisor processes and a culture built around community, innovation, and results.

If you have the desire to join an industry that makes an increasingly important and positive impact worldwide with a model built for growth, then TRIB3 is the opportunity for you. With TRIB3 you’ll see fast, effective growth with a proven, volume boutique concept and an unforgettable brand. It’s time to lead the change. Your future starts today.


Established: 2016

Number of franchised outlets: Five (of 12 outlets)

Location of all outlets: Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol, Helsinki, Moscow, Madrid: Cuzco, Basilica and Goya, Guangzhou, Edinburgh (opening Q1 2021), Manchester x 2 (opening Q1 2021)

Master franchisee investment level: Dependent on country and demographic model, please enquire for more information


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