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Friday 3rd February, 2023

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Franchise watch: Be a part of the retail revolution with CeX


Franchise watch: Be a part of the retail revolution with CeX

CeX has surveyed the Canadian market and is looking for master franchisees to help grow its second-hand success

CeX has surveyed the Canadian market and is looking for master franchisees to help grow its second-hand success

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The best ideas are often the simplest and most profitable. Complete Entertainment eXchange (CeX) takes the buy and sell concept and updates it by trading in digital entertainment products. CeX shops buy, sell and exchange mobile phones, games, electronics, computers, movies and TV shows directly from the public.

What separates CeX from wider buy and sell retailers is our execution. We trade in a focused, yet complementary product range, backed by over 25 years’ experience.

The CeX website provides customers with live information, promoting our stores by allowing them to see up to the minute stock levels and prices, so they know the value of their items.


To pinpoint why our market is so ripe for further growth, the reasons for purchasing goods second-hand need to be made clear. Disrupting the new goods market requires us to make a proposition to consumers that leave them with no reason to buy new. Second-hand, as an alternative to buying new, has some compelling arguments:

• It’s better value for money

• A unique selling proposition: exchange what you don’t want, for something you do

• Customer care can be better than that of new retailers

• New items devalue instantly when opened or soiled, but second-hand items can be sold again for a similar value. No quibble warranties can be offered with little effect to overall margin

• The range of stock can be greater than that of new retailers, simply because we have thousands of suppliers

• It gives access to products that may have been discontinued through normal retail channels

The CeX mission statement is to be the world’s leading retailer of second- hand consumer entertainment, electronics, communications, and computer-related goods. As a master franchisee, you’ll take on the mantle of the franchisor, recruiting sub-franchisees within your designated territory. You will be on hand to help them build their business, help them market the brand, and ensure compliance.


• 25-plus years’ experience

• 600-plus stores worldwide, with new stores opening weekly

• Successful master already operating

• Globally successful in 10 countries

• Huge market with a uniquely focused model and little competition

• Best-in-class online presence

• Ongoing franchise manager support

• Expert store location selection support

• Pricing by experts on products that have near-universal appeal

• Full ongoing business support including operations, training, IT, and marketing

• Bespoke EPOS and stock redistribution systems

• Global procurement network for business and branded supplies

• Dual revenue stream of your own and sub-franchise stores


As part of the joint decision- making process, we will provide the opportunity to work in our existing stores. This will give you the opportunity to “try before you buy”. It will help us to judge your suitability in owning and operating a CeX franchise.

With our support, training and established systems, we expect you to build a customer base and to provide them with outstanding levels of service. In return for your dedication and hard work, we will provide you with ongoing support and advice to ensure mutual success.


Through our local support and online community, we will work together to ensure that your business is successful. We will share information and ideas to keep your business improving and evolving. Together, we will open up new revenue streams and increase market penetration and share.

We will be there to guide you through every stage. By combining CeX’s systems and industry knowledge with your local experience and connections, we will work together to steer your business to great heights.


1. A track record in the management of medium to large national retail businesses

2. A desire to grow the brand via multiple outlets and the financial means to do so

3. An existing business infrastructure that could support the development, or the experience and ability to create this

4. A good local knowledge, relationships, and expertise in the areas of real estate, government, and labor regulations

5. Extensive marketing, sales and recruitment experience, knowledge of our key product lines, and willingness to complete six months training in the U.K. or Europe


José Adame, master franchisee (owns 30 stores across Mexico since 2014)

“I was looking for a franchise to bring to Mexico that had real potential for growth. When I came across CeX, I knew that this was the business with the potential I was looking for. Like most of us, I have grown up in an environment filled with technology, and today technology is expanding into our lives faster than ever.”

Juan Casanova, master franchisee (owns 30 stores across Mexico since 2014)

“After spending time analyzing the business model and meeting with members of the CeX family, I was convinced that this was the business for me. The training and time spent in the businesses in the U.K. and Spain gave me further insight and made all the difference to the success of our business. CeX has provided the structure, and support required for us to reach our goals. In the last two years, we have seen substantial growth in our businesses and profitability.”

• Gabriel Moreno, area developer (owns 23 stores across the U.K.)

“I was first introduced to franchising while working as a store manager and later an area manager in a fast-food franchise chain. When I started researching for my own franchise, I felt it important to consider the franchisor’s market experience and that they had a well-established brand. This is definitely worthwhile to diminish the risk and achieve the success of your investment.

CeX brings an innovative franchise model directly involved with challenging and constantly moving products; electronic devices, films, games and entertainment technology. Moreover, the flexible royalty policy made me feel confident enough to get involved.

I most enjoy seeing my business grow. It’s an added bonus that I have the opportunity to try out a host of technology products in the course of my day.”



Training – Comprehensive training program

Store design – Full store interior design and layout specific to your location

Site selection – Store location selection support

Global procurement network – Expert guidance on business and branded supplies


Field support – Your local operations manager will support you and provide ongoing operational performance evaluation

Franchisee support – CeX’s dedicated franchise team will serve as your main contact and provide ongoing business support

Ongoing training – Regular on-site and e-learning courses to support your team’s development

Operations manual – An online manual, which is constantly updated to support the business


Established: 1992

Number of locations: 333

Locations: U.K., Ireland, Spain, Canary Islands, India, Portugal, the Netherlands, Mexico, Poland, Australia, and Italy

Investment range: C$258,570 to C$430,951

Franchise fee: C$68,952


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