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Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Fitness Franchise


Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Fitness Franchise

Having democratized fitness and franchising to make both more affordable, accessible and easier, Anytime Fitness has been recognized for its leading role

At Global Franchise Magazine, we have worked in close conjunction with many franchises in the fitness sector so we knew the Fitness category winner was going to be a hard one to call. But with no doubt, Anytime Fitness was comfortably first past the post.

The largest and fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world, Anytime Fitness has more than 5,100 clubs in nearly 40 countries. The brand even has a presence in Antarctica, making it the only franchise in franchising history to have units on all seven continents.

Being the originator of the 24/7 fitness model, Anytime Fitness is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and delivers personalized and affordable health and wellness training, coaching, nutrition and recovery guidance.

Improving the world’s self-esteem

Talking about the Best Fitness Franchise Award, Jennifer Yiangou, senior VP of franchise administration at Self Esteem Brands, said: “We feel ecstatic! This is incredible! Being with the company for over 17 years and working with the founders, Chuck and Dave, all these years, we are so thrilled to win the Global Franchise Award. I remember the day we sold our first international master and went to Australia. It was like a dream and here we are later in so many countries, with so many stores and great franchise owners.

“The franchisees have worked really hard for this and our staff at the corporate offices. We have a vision of improving the self-esteem of the world and democratizing health and fitness across the globe and I feel we have done that with our gyms and our 24/7 access.

“We are the inventors of that concept and now that we are getting into nutrition coaching (we now own a nutrition coaching company, Stronger U), we really have democratized the health and wellness for so many consumers across the globe.”

So what’s next for Anytime Fitness? Kristen Geronsin, global markets director, added: “Just continuing to expand our reach and building the self-esteem of the world with every consumer we interact with on all of our brands through Basecamp, The Bar Method, Stronger U, Waxing the City, and Anytime Fitness of course.”

“We stand for our vision and culture and our model and our corporate headquarters and that goes out to the field. People, purpose, profit and play,” added Jennifer.

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