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Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Children & Education Franchise


Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Children & Education Franchise

The most revolutionary music education brand in the world, School of Rock, has a franchisee-centric culture that provides the blueprints for success

Being a hotly contended category, our judges were extremely impressed with the standard of entries for Best Children & Education Franchise. But they all agreed that many brands can learn a thing or two from the winner…School of Rock.

With the mission to build a growing, passionate community dedicated to enriching lives through performance-based music education, School of Rock is the largest music education franchise in the world.

The brand has expanded to 15 countries across the globe, operating 328 schools and helping aspiring musicians master skills and unleash their creativity to thrive. The patented School of Rock Method builds musical proficiency through its proprietary Method App, Method Book collection, SongFirst approach, Method Engine and performance-based music curriculum.

Making aspiring musicians thrive

Humbled to receive the Best Children & Education Franchise Award, Rob Price, CEO of School of Rock, shared: “It’s an incredible honor to win this category, acknowledging us within child enrichment. Over the last few years, there’s never been a more important time for franchises to support kids given the challenges of COVID and the emergence of it, which is just as difficult for some kids. So I feel like I’m on top of the world. This feels like a Grammy and Tony altogether!

“We’re focused on performance-based music education, which is the combination of individual instruction and group-based learning. And I think the other dimension that has been revolutionary is our view of building a company that’s a community. So, we have extraordinary transparency, connections and relationships amongst our franchisees, and we really honor each and every person within our community. And that then translates to our customers or end users.

“We’ve got many priorities for 2023. Obviously, our most important priority is same school growth, focusing on our existing franchisees and spreading best practices and adding new programs to make it possible for them to grow their existing return on investment. But beyond that, we’re here celebrating Global Franchise, we’re looking to grow. We are currently in 15 countries. Just this week, we signed a new letter of intent for another major country. And we expect to actually have more global growth in 2023 to announce.”

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