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Saturday 24th February, 2024

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Why become a CFE?
Why become a CFE?


Why become a CFE?

Advance your business and your career – here’s how

As an educator and the founder and CEO of an education company, I know the key to business success and professional advancement is through continuing education. I also understand that the knowledge gained by our team through the CFE program was key to our success when our company decided to franchise. That said, becoming a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) is an important step in your franchise career and the advancement of your franchise business.

More than 2,000 franchise executives are now actively participating in the CFE program. These executives are personally committed to advancing the highest standards of professionalism in the franchise industry through continuing education and professional development. 173 franchise executives graduated with their CFE during the 2017 IFA Annual Convention – the highest number ever.

Nearly 40 percent of IFA-member franchisors have one or more executives enrolled in the CFE program, and in recent years, enrollments have steadily increased among supplier and franchisee members. Many companies are now enrolling multiple candidates in the program, and several companies have made the CFE program mandatory for some of their senior-level executives and managers.

Who should pursue the CFE designation?

Anyone who is involved with franchise management or has responsibilities that include franchising is a candidate for the CFE program. Individuals who support a franchise business such as suppliers, attorneys, consultants, recruiters, or accountants are important to the program. Franchisees , particularly multi-unit, area developer or master franchisees, are encouraged to pursue the CFE designation and to increase their understanding of franchising. That said, all those interested in furthering their career in franchising would be well-served to take this program of study.

What are the major benefits of the CFE program?

First is the pure acquisition of knowledge. Next, the opportunity for networking and learning from your peers. It is one thing to go and sit in a lecture; it is another to be able to learn from the people who are out there doing it, with real life experience. Additionally, the program presents a huge career and business advancement opportunity, not only domestically, but internationally. As franchising expands globally, international franchisors need tools, guidance and instruction— all available in the CFE program. The CFE program has transcended U.S. boundaries as demonstrated by its relationships with the Franchise Council of Australia, The Philippines Franchise Association, and the Franchise Association of Brazil among other associations.

How can I earn the CFE designation?

Applications are available online at www.franchise.org/CFE or by contacting the Program Director, Rose DuPont, rdupont@franchise.org. The enrollment fee for members is $425; for non-members, it’s $800. Enrollment is for three years, and most complete the program within 18 months via a combination of in-person and online training.

Gail Johnson, CFE is founder and chair of Rainbow Station, Inc. and Chair of Institute of Certified Franchise Executives

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