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Monday 28th November, 2022

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Trust MSA Worldwide to grow your brand and go global

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Trust MSA Worldwide to grow your brand and go global

Our tailored services allow franchisors to make that next leap to become a global franchise, or enter into the lucrative U.S. market

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MSA Worldwide has established an unparalleled reputation as the leading strategic and tactical advisors in franchising. We provide a variety of services for our clients, not only in the franchising space but in all areas of business management and expansion. Our innovative strategies enable our clients to maximize their performance, efficiencies, and system growth. We work with franchise systems of all sizes to develop franchise systems, franchisee support, and maximize franchise development.

Initial analysis is essential

We are not a traditional “packaging firm,” and our client deliverables depend entirely on what the specific client’s needs are. We look deep into a company’s existing operations, marketing profile, and financial health, both at the individual location and broader corporate/franchisor level, in order to fully develop and finely define a client’s brand proposition and what they need to develop in order to be a successful franchisor.

These crucial initial steps are particularly important for international expansion, as it is vital to fully understand what is core to a company’s brand as it goes into different and unfamiliar markets.

For our younger and emerging clients, this is often a fairly natural process as they are still in the growth and development phase. For larger, more established brands, this type of self-evaluation is often much more difficult. Many seemingly “core” elements of an established brand may simply be the result of unchecked inertia which can be particularly problematic when expanding internationally. For these established brands, this first step is crucial and something MSA will always prioritize.

MSA is filled with franchising veterans

Our firm works tirelessly to support our clients, and to support the franchise industry at large. Particularly through the efforts of our two managing directors, Michael Seid and Kay Ainsley, MSA has been a pillar of the franchise community for over 30 years.

MSA was selected by the U.S. Department of Commerce to provide franchise training to their staff around the world. Kay Ainsley is currently a member of the IFA’s international franchising committee, speaks on a variety of panels discussing international franchising issues, and has authored numerous articles and white papers discussing areas of international franchising.

A personalized growth plan tailored to your needs

Franchising internationally has evolved significantly over the past 20 years. We’ve guided our clients through those changes, both those who were growing internationally after starting in the U.S. as well as those looking to enter the U.S. market from abroad. Technology, brand recognition, cultural norms, and the various international regulatory schemes have changed and continue to change rapidly, and it has been a major focus of our firm to help our clients adapt to those changes.

We help our clients understand who they are as a brand, what their culture and values are, and how they can most effectively live and express those values and that culture. In domestic or international expansion, authenticity is the most important currency.

As the world continues to expand and contract at the same time, consumers are increasingly prioritizing that authentic experience over anything else. Our goal for our clients is to help them best communicate their authentic brand no matter where they are operating, providing the consumer a true brand experience in their own market.

At a Glance MSA Worldwide

Year established: 1987

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