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Monday 6th February, 2023

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Seeking restaurant franchisors looking to grow internationally with Sizzling Platter

North America

Seeking restaurant franchisors looking to grow internationally with Sizzling Platter

Sizzling Platter is using its team of 10,000 global employees to rapidly grow its restaurant partners

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What began with a single location back in 1963 is now one of the top 10 restaurant franchisee groups based in the U.S. Sizzling Platter was founded over 50 years ago and is an operations company at its core; focusing on lean processes and managing the bottom of the P&L tightly to push as much cash as possible back into developing new stores, and creating jobs in the communities that the group operates in.

Sizzling Platter has developed a knack for rapidly scaling best-in-class brands; whether that’s Red Robin, Little Caesars, Dunkin’, Wingstop, or Jersey Mike’s. Over the years, the group has operated more than a dozen asset types in different states and countries, with various product offerings. And now, with a team of more than 10,000 global employees, Sizzling Platter is well suited to help rapidly scale any restaurant brand internationally.

Deep talent pool

Being a people-first company from the very beginning, Sizzling Platter has cultivated a deep talent pool and is looking to expand even more rapidly than it has over the previous decade. The group also has a very strong capital partner to ensure access to funding is not a limitation on the speed that restaurant brands can grow.

When expanding its established portfolio, Sizzling Platter is looking to work with brands that have international demand in regions that are underdeveloped, and in need of great teams to execute plans and bring the brand in question to its target markets expeditiously.

In addition to its hands-on experience, Sizzling Platter has an entire back office support team that ranges from technology, to accounting, to human resources, to marketing, to training. This ensures that rapid scaling happens incredibly smoothly and seamlessly, which is ideal for development goals and deadlines on the brand side of things.

Partner with the experts

Sizzling Platter is looking to prioritize its investment into quick-service brands that have limited SKUs, but best-in class signature recipes. As the world and consumer tastes evolve more, and move toward experts with specific menu options – with efficient and excellent customer service – the group sees this as the future of intelligent investing within the restaurant space.

Additionally, brands at any point in their lifecycle could be a perfect fit for Sizzling Platter’s investment strategy. Even if a brand is a pre-local supply chain or national marketing, exceptional food and business ideas will still be greatly considered when evaluating possible partners.

If your restaurant brand is looking to find exceptional growth partners and scale up rapidly in the coming years, then reach out to Sizzling Platter today to start a discussion that could become instrumental for the future of your business.

At a glance Sizzling Platter

Year established: 1963
Number of franchised outlets: Over 500+
Location of units: 17 U.S. states and Mexico
Approximate buildout cost: $500,000 – $1m
Minimum required capital: $150,000

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