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Thursday 26th May, 2022

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La Boucherie: French Cuisine and Franchise Know-How

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La Boucherie: French Cuisine and Franchise Know-How

La Boucherie, “a restaurant operator first, a franchisor second”, provides benchmark levels of support for franchise partners

La Boucherie, “a restaurant operator first, a franchisor second”, provides benchmark levels of support for franchise partners

Authenticity, quality, unity, and identity are just some of the values characterising the essence, success and reputation of La Boucherie, specialists in traditional French meat cuisine. With a firm focus on high-quality products served in a typical French-bistro style, La Boucherie manages the entire food supply chain – from its meat-processing plant to the trained, friendly staff.

The La Boucherie brand was born in 1974 when a former butcher decided to transform his traditional butcher’s shop located in Megève, France into a ‘butcher-style restaurant’. In 1997, the brand became a franchise business and began spreading throughout France and abroad, with its first international franchises opening in Switzerland and Thailand. The first La Boucherie in the US opened in 2018, next to Universal Studios in Orlando.

Today, La Boucherie has over 140 restaurants spread across four continents and fifteen of those establishments are based outside metropolitan France. The group is a leader in the grilled meats market segment in France. Consumers elected it ‘Best Chain 2017-2018’ in the restaurant category, while economics magazine Capital awarded it ‘Best Brand 2019’ for its customer service. The magazine has also named La Boucherie ‘Best Employer’ in the restaurant industry for the second year running.

As a member of the French Franchise Federation, La Boucherie will be attending the Franchise Expo Paris 2019. The whole team will be at the Expo from 17 to 20 March, ready to talk to visitors at stand R42 – S41, where they can discover a strong and proven concept.

Adaptable formats for different territories

As a concept, La Boucherie is focused on the quality of its meat and products along with the introduction of the French culinary tradition to a large swathe of the public, regardless of age or socio-economic class.

The restaurant franchise has a marked identity and is renowned for its warm welcome and atmosphere. Its architecture is easily recognisable, with its various formats having a pronounced, distinctive look while remaining adaptable to any place, building or environment. The franchise has operated within various types of establishments: stand-alone buildings, city centre and shopping center outlets (ongoing test at a food court in Abidjan) and hotel restaurants.

With experience gleaned across different territories in terms of culture and eating habits, La Boucherie has shown its capability and expertise in adapting and duplicating its concept in terms of both its menu and products. For Christophe Mauxion, Managing Director of the La Boucherie Group, ‘this aspect is essential for successful international development. It is essential for us to establish a development plan specific to each target country; so we work alongside local contacts such as experts, chambers of commerce, associations, and support agencies, which are a great help when it comes to market research and ensuring our competitiveness’.

A franchisor with you all the way

La Boucherie is an organised, experienced group that supports its franchise partners by providing them with its assets:
Supply chain: La Boucherie takes pride in its exclusive meat-processing plant which selects, cuts, ages and packs beef according to the best traditional practices of French butchers. It also ensures the quality and traceability of its products.

Depending on the market, the meat-processing plant is responsible for the delivery of supplies. Otherwise, our meat expert and operations manager, along with the franchisee, will source the products locally according to La Boucherie’s specifications.

Delivery platform: The group runs its own distribution platform for all branded products and dry goods.
Training: The group operates its own ISO 9001 and Veriselect accredited training centre and provides a full training program to the franchisee and staff before and during the unit’s opening. The operations manager will support the franchisee throughout the endeavour, as well as impart expertise.
Customised assistance: The partner will benefit from a dedicated international team (marketing, operations, development, etc.) who will provide support with regard to key local aspects, particularly for the adaptation of the concept (menu, recipes, prices, design, etc.).

La Boucherie: an internationally successful grill restaurant chain
La Boucherie intends to establish itself all over the world. In 2019, the group aspires to open several new outlets abroad with local partners under contracts adapted to their expectations and the potential for development in the area. Depending on the market, a partner will have the opportunity to opt for a single-unit franchise, multi-unit franchise or a master franchise contract.

Ideal partner

La Boucherie is currently looking for independent businesses or entrepreneurs with a managerial spirit and the ability to develop a long-term business plan, ideally for multi-units.

In order to successfully open and operate their first unit, the ideal partner should have:

Experience in the management of a profit centre (business owner, existing franchisee, master franchisee, franchisor, food operator, hospitality industry operator, hotel owner)
Organisational skills and the willingness to operate 2-5 units according to a defined development plan
Knowledge of the local market (real estate, network, legal aspects)
Willingness to follow the La Boucherie requirements and processes to ensure the brand’s image and success

La Boucherie is particularly interested in highly motivated, experienced people. ‘Our partners must first and foremost share the group’s values such as passion, product quality and unceasing customer commitment’.


Franchise name: La Boucherie
Established: 1997
Number of franchised outlets: 125
Location of units: France and overseas territories, USA, Thailand, Russia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Colombia, Morocco
Investment range: from €300 k to €1,000 k (based on French price)
Minimum required capital: from €200 k
Contact: – +33 (0)2 4196 9972

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