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Next Engineers is set for growth

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Next Engineers is set for growth

Next Engineers is a robust educational franchise concept that combines play with teaching to provide children with a comprehensive curriculum

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Next Engineers is a high-quality educational network that has existed since 2016. The network helps enthusiastic and passionate people to open a successful and prosperous education business, whilst being supported. The company has created a variety of programs that can be used to teach science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM) in a creative way for children aged four to 10. Children benefit from learning the basics of physics, mathematics, mechanical engineering and software.

Educational franchise

The unique methods developed by Next Engineers are based on methodologies that combine play and fun alongside quality learning. “Learning through play teaches the children that learning is fun,” explains Bari Sabash, the founder of the program. The acquisition of knowledge and skills is achieved through unique work sets and study programs which combine play and experimentation, building unique models that illustrate to children the principles taught in class. Next Engineers currently operates hundreds of study centers through a network of franchisees and is proud of its thousands of students who have used the program.

“The study fields included in the STEAM programs are currently considered as ground-breaking and are a catalyst in training the next start-up generation,” says Amnon Giladi, CEO of Next Engineers. “To work in this field, you need a passion for education and a special connection and belief that you are doing something good for the children’s future.”

Support and growth

Like all businesses, it takes time to grow and learn the market, but when you do something you love and get the unique methods, tools and support of the network, the results come quickly. The network directs large budgets to the development and refinement of its programs and learning products. To maintain innovation and progress, the program incorporates digital means such as unique animation videos that improve the learning experience alongside unique work sets used for implementation and practical practice. Franchisees can enjoy dozens of income sources within their exclusive territory. There are over 100 topics and activities used to run the annual programs and courses, study centers and kindergartens. You can also operate quality workshops for birthdays, summer camps and events.

The additional advantage in the franchise’s financial model is its simplicity. The initial investment is relatively small, there is no unnecessary stock management, and the monthly payments are also relatively small. Receiving recognition from the Ministry of Education, Next Engineers has plans to expand worldwide as demand continues to grow.

At a glance

Year Established: 2016
Number of franchised outlets: 16
Location of units: Israel
Investment range: $35,000 – $55,000
Minimum required capital: $40,000

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