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Friday 7th October, 2022

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THE DRIPBaR to open 40 locations in 2021


THE DRIPBaR to open 40 locations in 2021

This emerging IV drip therapy brand is planning for a developmental year

This emerging IV drip therapy brand is planning for a developmental year.

IV drip therapy franchises have been emerging more frequently in the past 10 years, as more consumers look to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands. In fact, since 2004, there has reportedly been a 77 per cent increase in the popularity of global IV vitamin drip therapy.

It makes sense then, that brands like U.S.-based THE DRIPBaR have experienced exponential growth and continued investment from franchisees.

THE DRIPBaR currently has more than 200 locations in various states of development throughout the U.S., and plans to open its first franchise location in Atlanta this month, followed by dozens more across Florida, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Colorado, and Texas by the end of March.

In total, THE DRIPBaR has plans to open as many as 40 new sites before the end of 2021.

“Treatments that aim to boost your immune system are gaining in popularity during the pandemic, so it should come as no surprise that THE DRIPBaR has seen interest in its franchise opportunity grow exponentially,” said Ben Crosbie, chief development officer. “People want to maintain their best health. We are excited to be able to educate the public on the value of IV therapy and the power that IV therapies provide to clients to maintain their best health, or to fight cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses.”

Each session at THE DRIPBaR ranges from $100 to $200, and requires clients to sit in the chair from 25 to 40 minutes. They can choose from a range of 18 different drips, which target different parts of the body and immune system.

“The quality and range of our offerings, and the consistent excellence of our services, will distinguish us as the market grows,” said Crosbie. “COVID-19 has created a new understanding in people that they need to be as healthy as they can be. Healthcare is no longer a passive activity, where people wait for an illness to strike and then react to it. More than ever people want to be in control of their own health, they want to be proactive.”

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