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PetWellClinic signs five-unit deal in Philadelphia


PetWellClinic signs five-unit deal in Philadelphia

The veterinary franchise will open 5 new units in Philadelphia to provide affordable care for local pets

PetWell Clinic, the veterinary franchise, has announced the signing of a five-unit deal in the Philadelphia Metro Area. Much like other locations, customers will be able to perform general checkups, get vaccinations and treat any chronic conditions. 

The new franchisees are Anthony Pistilli, Greg DeRise and Alexandra DeRise. These experienced franchisees have significant experience and ties with their local area. Alexandra, who grew up in the Philadelphia Metro Area owns two Goldfish Swim School locations in the city. The desire to invest in purpose-led concepts is what drew the trio to PetWell Clinic, are now on track to open five in the area. 

“As crucial as swimming lessons are for kids, quality wellness care is crucial for our pets,” said Pistilli. 

“We understand how difficult it is for people to find the right veterinarian, book a timely appointment and pay for huge vet bills. We are so thrilled to provide services that will ease the burden for pet owners. We know our new PetWellClinic locations will provide quality, compassionate care to the beloved pets in our community.” 

The brand’s walk in centers serve as a practical option for both pet owners due to the convenience built into the models. It’s also ideal for veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are looking to work shorter and simpler days with a lesser workload. 

“At our clinics, we provide quality care to our pet patients, but beyond that, we pride ourselves on the work-life balance we offer to our veterinarians,” said Dr. Sam Meisler, DVM, founder and CEO of PetWellClinic.  

“With manageable work hours and streamlined services, our vets can focus more on their patients with the added benefit of leaving work ‘at work.’ PetWellClinic fosters an environment of care and kindness and that starts with our own staff.” 

Each clinic comes with a veterinary software platform designed by Meisler to create a seamless working day. The locations are also designed to be transparent, so clients can see everything that is happening. 

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