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Monday 25th September, 2023

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GF Podcast: Kimberlee Perry of ((BOUNCE))


GF Podcast: Kimberlee Perry of ((BOUNCE))

The founder and CEO explains how she turned £200 into an international trampolining franchise

The founder and CEO explains how she turned £200 into an international trampolining franchise

Sometimes a difficult situation can prove the catalyst for creating something truly life-changing.

Disenfranchised with her office-based job and missing out on a promotion, Kimberlee Perry borrowed £200 and bought eight second-hand trampolines and set about turning an activity she loved into a viable business called ((BOUNCE)).

Her trampoline classes, which provide fun and energetic group dance-focused workouts, proved an instant smash hit, and the concept grew from lessons taken in Kimberlee’s back garden, to hiring a local community hall, to evolving into a franchise with franchisees across the UK, as well as an international presence in Australia and New Zealand.

In this frank and honest conversation with Kimberlee, we discuss the learning on the job, leaning on others for help, growing brand momentum, the responsibilities involved with being a franchisor, and much, much more.

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