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Franchise watch: keeping coding fun


Franchise watch: keeping coding fun

Logiscool is preparing the programmers of tomorrow, with its refined curriculum and bespoke online platform

Logiscool is preparing the programmers of tomorrow, with its refined curriculum and bespoke online platform.

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“When I started the Logiscool courses, I had no idea how easy and fun coding could be!” said David, who has been attending Logiscool coding courses for more than three years. His mother, Eva, agrees: “Logiscool is a friendly, innovative education center where kids can easily learn a lot of things that will be essential for their adulthood. I like to invest in my child’s future by giving him the best.”

Planning ahead

Dr. Anita Breuer, co-founder and CEO of Logiscool, knew the concept was essential from the start: “Back in 2014, when Logiscool started its operations, we were among the first to realize that coding would very quickly become a hugely important skill for the future. Kids grow up with gadgets in their hands, and they need to learn how computers think. We help tens of thousands of kids and teens to be more successful in the digital future.”

“Logiscool offers just the right winning combination of what a franchisee needs for success”

At Logiscool, experiential education means that students learn to code by building computer games they enjoy. Besides mastering the main principles of computer coding, they also learn the most important skills for the future: logic, algorithmic thinking, and problem-solving.

“There are free coding education platforms out there. We tried these in the very beginning, but quickly realized their disadvantages, so we advanced even further,” says Gyula Csitari, co-founder and strategy director. “We’ve developed a unique platform that is not intended for learning, but for teaching. Our platform is always able to adapt to the age and skill level of the children, so it maximizes the level of satisfaction; our most important KPI.”

International appeal

The global interest for the Logiscool franchise system is its real proof of quality, and the numbers show just that: Logiscool is present in 15 countries, on three continents, from the U.S.A. and Mexico, through Europe, to Taiwan and India. The huge international experience of the Logiscool team is a great value for future master partners.

“I took a Logiscool master license in 2018, and by now I have close to 30 successful franchise partners in my network,” says Dana Banica, a Logiscool master franchisee in Romania. “I am extremely happy that my initial investment has fully returned much earlier than planned.”

She continues: “Logiscool offers just the right winning combination of what a franchisee needs for success: a best-in-the-world education platform, close to 1,000 lessons of a great curriculum, a proven methodology based on years of experience, and a professional franchise management system with outstanding support. I have the feeling that I receive more and more value every day.


Established: 2014
Number of franchised outlets: 91
Location of units: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Mexico, U.S.A., Taiwan, India, Indonesia
Investment range: $150,000 – $200,000 (master franchise)
Minimum required capital: $150,000 – $200,000

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