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Tuesday 4th October, 2022

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Franchise watch: Award-winning, leading kindergarten franchise – Helen Doron Educational Group


Franchise watch: Award-winning, leading kindergarten franchise – Helen Doron Educational Group

Helen Doron Educational Group has a variety of franchise models to suit every level of investment

Helen Doron Educational Group has a variety of franchise models to suit every level of investment.

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Ever since being founded in 1985, Helen Doron Educational Group has been in the business of changing children’s lives. Celebrating 35 years of international success, the leading education franchise has always been on the cutting edge of innovation and evolution; whether through the brand’s host of proprietary teaching applications, its unique curriculum backed by years of pedagogic excellence, or its varied franchise model that allows investment at any level.

The latter is exemplified by the customizable Helen Doron Kindergarten franchise offering, which has seen proven success since it first launched in 2014. Designed to perfectly suit each individual market that it operates within, the kindergarten concept has been built from the ground-up to be as flexible and dynamic as needed – all while maintaining the high standards of education and pedagogic support that both Helen Doron students and franchisees have come to know.

“Helen Doron Kindergarten is the realization of my dream of a better future for children: a future that gives children a stress-free education that also challenges their intellect and greatly develops their potential,” says Helen Doron, CEO and founder of Helen Doron Educational Group. “As such, our curriculum, based on the unique Helen Doron methodology, is carefully designed to support optimal learning and brain development. As children learn, their brains develop neural pathways – the connections between their brain cells. The more these pathways are used, the stronger they become. By repeatedly and regularly using these pathways, children construct a foundation for learning that continues way beyond kindergarten and gives them knowledge that will last a lifetime.”

All Helen Doron Kindergarten centers provide a whole host of unique, brain-boosting courses and activities to stimulate young minds and bodies in their early education journey, and cater to all children from two-and-a-half years of age onwards.

These include English, a four-year multilingual course (with songs in seven languages for linguistic sensitivity and brain stimulation), art, science, mathematics, and a specialized exercise program that includes dance, yoga, and pilates.


Master franchisees for the Helen Doron Kindergarten model are expected to open a chain of kindergartens within an exclusive area, over a few years, or a single kindergarten unit. In return, they will receive unlimited direct contact with Helen Doron’s head office for administrative, financial, and marketing support.

Naturally, starting your own business can be costly and come with several risks. By joining the Helen Doron network, investors can reduce those risks by working alongside professionals who have many years of experience backing up a highly successful international network.

Not only that, but the Helen Doron Kindergarten model has been designed in a way that perfectly adapts to a potential master franchisee’s designated market. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, the model is structured in a way that aligns with the complexity of a child-focused operation. As such, two models are available to suit various needs:

Helen Doron Kindergarten is a bilingual preschool model in which English is taught daily, and the other subjects are taught either in English or the mother tongue.

Helen Doron International where all the teaching is in English only. “My goal was and still remains excellent education for babies and infants as a means to assuring a wonderful life,” says Doron. “Children’s emotional wellbeing and happiness are our priority.”


The international appeal of the Helen Doron Kindergarten model is evident, with the opening of an educational center in Dongtan, South Korea. This state-of-the-art, flagship facility incorporates the world’s first Helen Doron Baby Centre, as well as a classic Helen Doron English Centre, and a Kindergarten.

“Our unique center, serving children from birth onwards, features activities that provide children with maximum brain stimulation while ensuring learning is joyful and stress- free,” says Doron.

The Helen Doron Baby Centre provides a variety of courses that introduce babies to English using the proven Helen Doron methodology. The site features the new Dada Vinci program for sensory-motor development and in-depth knowledge of the world, through several songs. In addition, the South Korean location includes a fourth-floor swimming pool with balconies that serves both baby swimming classes, as well as those for Kindergarten students.

“Many countries, including South Korea, understand that English is necessary for communication throughout the world,” said Doron. “Dongtan is the ideal location to launch the first Helen Doron International Centre, as South Koreans want only the best for their children’s education and understand their children’s limitless potential. Now, these parents have the ideal setting in which to stimulate and nourish their young children’s brains and bodies in a way that is systematic, healthy, and enjoyable.

“We believe our investment in Korea is a significant step which positions us to increase our foothold in the Asian market. We want to bring our proven methodology to children throughout Asia, teaching and maintaining bright young minds English from their earliest years.”

As well as South Korea, Helen Doron Educational Group maintains a strong presence in China, Thailand, and Vietnam, and has continuous expansion planned for both of these countries and throughout the wider Asian market.


Established: 1985

Number of franchised units: Over 1,500

Location of units: Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lichtenstein, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Vietnam

Investment range: €150,000 – €250,000

Minimum required capital: €200,000


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