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Thursday 2nd December, 2021

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30 Minute Hit is the premier boutique boxing brand built for women


30 Minute Hit is the premier boutique boxing brand built for women

30 Minute Hit is looking to expand its fitness-focused communHITy

30 Minute Hit is looking to expand its fitness-focused communHITy

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30 Minute Hit, a rapidly expanding premier boutique fitness concept, offers a high-intensity, action-packed boxing/kickboxing circuit workout designed specifically for women to achieve amazing results.

30 Minute Hit’s successful proven model and unique workout design was founded by Jackson and Deanna Loychuk in 2004, partly to forego some of the challenges that women face in typical boxing and kickboxing classes: inflexible class schedules, leering men twice their size, and expensive fees for training that was not always the right fit.


With no set class times and no scheduling, members have easy access to this amazing, fun, and effective workout designed to achieve results and transform women’s lives in a safe, inspiring environment.

Endless boxing/kickboxing combinations, real skill-building, high-intensity intervals, core strengthening, and self-defense all wrapped into a fun, inclusive, nonintimidating environment.

30 Minute Hit members enjoy the flexibility of their unlimited training with a HIT instructor by their side and access to the Hit@Home online training portal, offering members even more options to train when and where they want to.

The circuit comprises 13 heart-pumping stations that each last for two minutes while focusing on boxing/kickboxing techniques – including quick short bursts of high-intensity intervals.

Members begin by warming up and then work through the punching, kicking, core-strengthening, and self-defense-inspired stations while having a dedicated HIT instructor challenging, teaching, and motivating them throughout.

30 Minute Hit provides a challenging workout in an inclusive environment. Our HITters are referred to as the communHITy because we are a community of nonjudgemental women that inspire, support, and lift up one another to be the best version of themselves. Whether one is joining us at the beginning of their fitness journey with zero years of boxing/kickboxing experience or as an experienced athlete, 30 Minute Hit helps HITters achieve their goals in physical, mental, emotional fitness.

“I’ve had women come through who have reduced or completely eliminated medication for depression or anxiety. Seeing a new member come in with their chin down and then leaving with their head held high because it’s such an empowering style of workout is an amazing thing to be part of,” says Kristi Bieber, owner 30 Minute Hit Vernon, BC, Canada.


30 Minute Hit, with over 17 years in the industry, has positioned the brand for further growth to its existing 100-plus and growing locations in Canada, the U.S., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and Belfast, Northern Ireland. Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, 30 Minute Hit is excited to continue its worldwide expansion.

To date, we have employed the direct franchise approach in markets, which has proven successful so far with continued investment in support infrastructures that can effectively service franchisees abroad. As we enter new and more distant markets, we will look to employ area development and master agreements where they make sense.


The initial franchisee investment ranges between $120,000 and $220,000, and the royalty rates start on a flat fee system that begins at $500 per month. Franchisees have come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including stay-at-home moms, personal trainers, sales and finance executives to name a few. Common qualities the franchise looks for in new candidates are personality, energy, and passion.

Pre-authorized recurring billing of members produces a consistent, stable, and predictable revenue stream. Our competitive membership price points paired with valuable high-quality instruction, unlimited training, and convenient schedules at 30 Minute Hit keep women coming for years.

30 Minute Hit has streamlined every aspect of the business model from setup to operations, including assistance and experience in choosing appropriate locations with the best interests of the franchisee and brand in mind.


In addition to the enormous social media content and artwork library 30 Minute Hit has meticulously developed, 30 Minute Hit has engineered an online marketing platform to generate leads for franchisees which is a cornerstone of the business.

Franchisees can spend their valuable time focusing on their local offline grassroots and community marketing efforts as the highly streamlined POWER LEADS system requires no input and delivers franchisees potential members flocking to their locations.


Support for our franchisees is always a top priority. A dedicated support team is always ready to answer any question and help 30 Minute Hit franchisees in any way. Our custom-built tools library simply can’t be beat.

Live interactive online training sessions are available to educate and help all owners stay up to date on current trends and market strategies while ongoing physical training sessions are available to ensure our training is always of the highest quality.

“Seeing a new member come in with their chin down and then leaving with their head held high because it’s such an empowering style of workout is an amazing thing to be part of”


Franchisees are certified through our UniversHITy Training Center and with 30 Minute Hit’s highly systemized and well-developed approach to training, the specific skills required to instruct the circuit are easy to teach quickly and effectively.

30 Minute Hit has produced an incredibly detailed and successful Training Guide to help franchisees hire and train staff as efficiently as possible.


The ideal 30 Minute Hit franchisee is a highly motivated individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. The franchisee should have the willingness to learn and implement our proven and powerful business management systems.

Franchisees do not have to have any prior fitness industry or business ownership experience as each owner will go through a detailed UniversHITy physical training and onboarding program. To ensure their success, 30 Minute Hit provides its franchisees a turnkey business model including:

  • Certification in physical training
  • Administration and management training
  • Management and business development tools
  • Marketing programs and sales training
  • In-depth support programs
  • An amazing team to help you every step of the way!


Established: 2004

Number of franchised outlets: 100+

Location of units: Canada, U.S.A., U.K. – Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia

Investment range: $120,000 – $220,000 Minimum required capital: $40,000

Contact: Robert Button, franchise@30minutehit.com

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