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Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Franchise Consultancy


Global Franchise Awards 2023: Best Franchise Consultancy

With a major presence in the franchising space, MSA Worldwide develops unique approaches tailored for the brands and their competitive environments

In this hotly contested category, the judges felt the entrants’ commitment to rigorously evaluating their clients’ passion to expand internationally was simply admirable. But there was one particular entry that spoke volumes.

A leading strategic and tactical advisory firm, MSA Worldwide has worked with hundreds of clients in over 30 years of operations, taking a major presence in the growing franchise space and ultimately becoming Global Franchise’s Best Franchise Consultancy winner.

The brand serves a wide array of international clients, with its consultants helping develop master, area and joint venture agreements across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America, totalling more than 50 countries.

The winning formula

Talking about the win, Michael Seid, managing director of MSA Worldwide, said: “We are very excited. This was the highlight of the IFA Convention for us!

“Probably our client services, the reputation we built by supporting our clients and the fact that our clients can rely upon us, the quality of our staff, the team and the style in which we do business [helped us win over the judges].

“We are not afraid to tell our clients when they are wrong. We totally believe in things like consistency and sustainable replication. We have both been franchisors and franchisees. Kate has done a tremendous amount of work internationally and I have a franchise system in Africa which works internationally. So, it is just a matter of competence and the style of how we do business.

“Making sure franchising is able to withstand regulatory stress and making sure everyone is happy [are the priorities of 2023]. That’s the goal of life!”

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