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Franchisors of the future: Logiscool


Franchisors of the future: Logiscool

An innovative EdTech franchise, Logiscool provides adolescents with coding and robotic skills in preparation for an increasingly digital workplace

Children are growing up with devices in their hands and each year, the demand for early digital literacy education grows worldwide. It is becoming increasingly necessary to provide children with adequate digital knowledge and skills, but the public education system is not equipped to meet this demand.

In 2014, Dr. Anita Breuer and Gyula Csitari saw this gap in the education system and were the first to start a coding school, which they named Logiscool, in Europe. Logiscool is a place where children can learn programming and digital literacy in a fun manner outside of a school-like environment. Today, Logiscool is one of the most rapidly increasing franchise networks in the EdTech sector, specializing in teaching digital literacy and coding to adolescents. “We were among the first to realize that very soon, coding would be the most important knowledge of the future,” says Dr. Anita Breuer, founder of Logiscool.

The franchise offers after-school coding and robotic courses, as well as holiday camps and creative workshops for children aged six to 18 at company learning centers. Logiscool’s mission is to help children become skillful, confident, and well-prepared for the digital future.

Industry leader and developer

Logiscool has a vast international presence. It has locations on five continents with over 170 branches, and in the past three years, the company has expanded from 15 to 35 countries. More than 180,000 children have used the network to learn coding and digital literacy.

The EdTech industry is a fast-growing sector in the 33-billion-dollar education market, and Logiscool has exploited the possibilities that this field has to offer through its innovative systems and forward-facing teaching style. By fusing education with entertainment, the franchise has found a winning strategy for fulfilling the growing international demand for coders and digital skills. It is currently one of the biggest youth coding school franchise networks in the world with a strong franchise concept that provides franchisees with a wide range of revenue streams. Franchisees can offer courses, camps and workshops at their centers to generate revenue, as well as teaching online.

The franchise adapted quickly during the pandemic and developed a new online portal within a week, which was crucial to helping partners grow and exploit local opportunities. “The fact that the new system could be developed in a week was thanks to our franchise approach,” says Gyula, co-founder of Logiscool. “We are used to creating every material in a form that is easy to multiply in every country while also providing consistent quality.” Many franchise partners launched their operation using online courses during this period.

Logiscool has its own franchise management and administration system as well as its own trainer portal, all of which help to support the franchisee in managing and running their business successfully. With its self-developed unique educational platform, fun-based teaching methodology, scalable, certified curriculum and a unique edutaining community portal, Logiscool is a pioneering leader in the EdTech field. The company’s increasing international exposure means the team is prepared to step into more markets and develop the local networks exponentially.

A franchise worth knowing

Logiscool has maintained its role as one of the biggest and fastest expanding franchise networks due to its fully comprehensive franchise system which offers a readymade, complete solution. “We make sure to constantly give business insights, complex marketing strategies, brand and campaign guidelines, and initial and ongoing training to partners,” Anita explains.

We are used to creating every material in a form that is easy to multiply in every country while also providing consistent quality”

A Logiscool franchise partner will receive elaborate initial and ongoing training. The company provides franchisees with a classroom management system, school and equipment design, as well as continuous world-class business, education, sales, marketing and IT training. It isn’t necessary to have a background in IT or education to become a Logiscool franchisor.

Dana Banica, Logiscool master partner for Romania since 2018, says: “I’m extremely happy that my initial investment has fully returned much earlier than planned. Besides the unique education content and great support, I also get their own complex franchise management system from Logiscool HQ that makes operation easy and helps initiate a new partner in a very short time. I have the feeling that I receive more and more value each day.”

Innovative teaching systems

Logiscool can attribute its global success to capturing a niche gap in the education market. The company provides an entirely unique and customizable curriculum to its students. There are over 20 digital literacy and coding topics to choose from, and the pioneering teaching system allows children to learn at their own pace.

Initially, each student learns to code using colorful digital building blocks, which have programming commands, to create fun video games and projects. This provides children with a basic understanding of programming and teaches them an algorithmic way of thinking in a fun and digestible manner.

The mix mode is the gateway between colorful blocks and real programming languages. It allows children to see both the colorful building blocks and the programming syntax that it correlates to, ensuring a smooth transition from blocks to written code.

The system is customizable, allowing different age groups and abilities to work with a different range of commands as the blocks are grouped in ‘palettes’, or groups of code, that range in terms of complexity. Logiscool combines learning with entertainment so that the children can enjoy themselves whilst gaining valuable skills.

Three years ago, Logiscool added a newly developed international edutainment community portal for their users called MyLogiscool. It is a safe and exciting platform where students can play games, practice their work, and get inspiration in between their lessons. MyLogiscool is the children’s universe through which they can access everything, from localized classroom projects, quizzes, and high-score games to all of the international shared projects, where children can see and try what other students have created from all around the world. Logiscool’s innovative systems guarantee the delivery of high-quality education in every learning center across the globe.

Skills of the future

Today’s children need strong digital skills to be competent and prepared for the fast-changing and challenging economy. At Logiscool, children can do what they love – create their own computer games – whilst learning digital literacy and coding skills. There are close to 1000 smart lesson plans which can be adapted to the child’s age and learning speed. The lessons are taught by young enthusiastic trainers in inspiring IT office-like environments, as well as online. Students will acquire essential skills for the future, such as problem-solving, logical thinking, creativity, endurance, and more.

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