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Take part in the industry’s premier International Franchise Expo event

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Take part in the industry’s premier International Franchise Expo event

Franchisors, franchisees and franchise professionals cannot afford to miss the two-day, 30-year old event in New York

The International Franchise Expo (IFE) is one of the most important events of the year for anybody with any connection to franchising – and especially those who are considering a move to the franchise business model. Held at the Javits Convention Center in New York, on 2-4 June, this Expo is a must-attend. This is the event’s 30th birthday, and will be marked appropriately.

The show floor at the IFE is always bustling, busy and full of brands and suppliers trying to woo entrepreneurs and educate people about their offering. Attendees can directly connect with the brands they are interested in, in person without booking anything. Brands from every vertical and industry imaginable will be exhibiting, with a variety of investment levels to suit franchisees of all shapes and sizes.

Education is important at the IFE, and there will be 45 free seminars for anybody to attend on a variety of topics, from buying a franchise to international franchising. There are also further sessions on women in franchising, diversity as well as master franchising, U.S. franchising, international unit growth and many more important areas.

The premier International Franchising Expo

Having ran for nearly 30 years, the IFE has built significant inroads into the industry, as well as developing itself into an authoritative voice in the world of franchising. It’s well attended by the biggest brands in the U.S. and the world, and this year’s Expo will have a designated pavilion of franchise brands from Taiwan.

Another great benefit of the IFE is the location. New York City is the center of all things business in the U.S., as well as being a cultural epicenter of the world. As a consequence, the Expo is attended by an assortment of people, from prospective franchisees to brand presidents. Strict COVID-19 measures and controls have led to a huge improvement in the city – meaning this year’s IFE event requires no proof of vaccination or facemasks to be worn.

A lack of expertise and knowledge of others’ experience can hold a franchisee or franchisor back from reaching their true potential. This is why, at the IFE, the SCORE/New York Women In Business Theater & Answer Center will play host to a series of successful, retired executives who are in a position to speak candidly about their experiences in relation to finance, human resources, legal, management and many more topics. Best of all, this is completely free of charge for all attendees.

The U.S. department of commerce chose the IFE as one of the very few expos or events it attends, to promote its International Buyer Program. This will be especially useful to international brands who have specific businesses or industries they wish to connect with, the department of commerce will help in this regard.

“The IFE provides entrepreneurs the ability to connect in person and learn from some of the top and most respected franchise executives in the world,” said Sheila Fisher, CFE, president of MFV Expositions.

“We are excited to welcome a diverse crowd looking to take the next step to business ownership, and the Expo provides the perfect platform to explore franchise brands and to learn from industry knowledge leaders at our comprehensive conference program.”

What you can find at the Expo

Alongside the packed show floor and SCORE/New York Women In Business Theater & Answer Center, there are many educational seminars and opportunities to make pointed connections with franchise professionals.

The IFE takes great pleasure in welcoming budding entrepreneurs and prospective franchisees to the Expo who are remotely aware of franchising, but are not sure if it is for them. The IFE holds educational seminars at every level, from those who are new to franchising, to those who lead franchise organizations. There are 45 free educational seminars, and more paid seminars for those who want to extract everything they can from the event.

Some of the education tracks will cover buying a franchise, franchising your business, franchising internationally, franchisors seeking growth and much more. Tracks surrounding women, diversity and entrepreneurs will also be available, too.

The franchising business model is well regulated in the U.S., and as such, requires high-quality legal advice to successfully navigate franchising. That is why the organizers of the IFE have created a Professional Center, where a number of franchise lawyers can be found for informal chats. This is a relaxed, no pressure environment in which legal experts are happy to share their knowledge of the law, and an emerging franchisor just may find the legal partner it has been looking for.

This event is made for those who have vast experience in franchising, and for those who are just beginning to scratch the surface. Experts of all hues, suited for different ranges of experience will be on hand to provide free advice.

Join the IFE in New York on June 2-4

While franchising is a widespread industry, and there is plenty of information online, there is no substitute for meeting in-person. At the IFE, franchisors, franchisees, entrepreneurs and even people with a passing interest in franchising will find someone who they can speak to, on their level.

Having access to real experts across numerous areas in franchising is invaluable, they can provide the nitty gritty, and the all-important details that may not be in the marketing brochure. New York is the center of business in the U.S., and as such, the event is extremely well attended by a variety of professionals.

It’s the annual franchising calendar’s must attend event of the year, and attendees can now eliminate their registration fees by using the code ‘GLOBAL’ at checkout!

At a Glance International Franchise Expo

Where: Javits Center, New York
When: June 2-4, 2022
Contact: John Erich john.erich@comexposium.com

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