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Tuesday 4th October, 2022

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Meet the franchise that’s on a mission to save the planet


Meet the franchise that’s on a mission to save the planet

As eco-consciousness grows, The Source Bulk Foods is very much on-message with a package that includes zero-waste and minimally processed food free from unnecessary packaging

As eco-consciousness grows, The Source Bulk Foods is very much on-message with a package that includes zero-waste and minimally processed food free from unnecessary packaging

The Source Bulk Foods is a zero-waste shopping revolution, offering an extensive product range of minimally processed, organic, non-GMO, chemical-free and natural wholefoods free from unnecessary packaging. Our extensive range of food and grocery lines are presented in simple yet stylish bulk bins that allow customers to choose their products easily and to buy as much or as little as they need. The bulk food bins clearly identify each product and its country of origin, as well as health considerations such as gluten, dairy and sugar.

Our highly interactive retail experience is fun, exciting and nostalgic. Like ‘the good old days’ customers are encouraged to bring in their own containers for refilling, and enticed to mill their own flour and pull their own honey. We even teach them how to make peanut, almond and macadamia butter!

The source of our journey started in the beautiful Byron Bay shire. It was 2007 when Paul and Emma Medeiros’ first humble fruit, veg and health food store ‘Eden’s Landing’ sprouted. As a family-run business, they offered the Byron Shire community a bounty of local and organic produce, freshly squeezed juices and shelves loaded with health foods. Life was good, but they knew it could be great. As delicious as their health foods may have been, they all shared a common and troubling trait – excessive packaging.
The Source Bulk Foods was born in 2012 from their belief that unpackaged food should be easier to access, and a smaller carbon footprint could be achieved every time you shop. Our customers agreed!

Wonderful support

New stores sprouted from Mullumbimby to Balmain, and in 2014 we commenced franchising to grow The Source Bulk Foods revolution further, with like-minded franchisees committed to nourishing families, communities and our planet. Over the last few years we have been fortunate enough, with the help of our wonderful support team, to help many local families and individuals realise their dreams and improve their lifestyle – just as we did – by owning their own business, providing a healthy work-life balance, flexibility in their day to day lives and ability to make a difference.

Today, we are now the largest specialised bulk food retailer in Australia. Our wholesome array of ingredients are delivered the way food ought to be, not packaged in plastic, nor tied with string. Take only what you need, refill your favourite honey jar, connect with the source of your food and embrace a better way to shop.

With locations already established in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, we are about nourishing families and our planet by providing wholesome nutritious ingredients free from unnecessary packaging and chemicals. Our purpose is to provide our customers not only with an exciting and rewarding store experience but also the knowledge and guidelines for using our products to change their lifestyle. We believe that the power of change comes from information to make better decisions. Every customer who leaves our stores should be more aware, conscious of their choices – their options and impacts.

National master franchisees

We are now looking for likeminded individuals that resonate with our brand to share this revolution on a global basis as national master franchisees or regional master franchisees. We are principally interested in Canada, the USA and the EU, but will consider other regions on a case-by-case basis.

As the international master franchisor, we offer a complete and comprehensive franchise model, systems, procedures and resources that cover every aspect of our franchisees’ business and store management. The key components of our master franchisee program include:

• Experienced executive team that covers every aspect of the franchisee
• Registered trademarks and domain name
• Well-developed Brand Identity Principles, key success factors and elements
• All required communication collateral
• Store designs, specifications and layout

A comprehensive suite of Franchise Manuals covering every aspect of the business including:

• The Source Bulk Foods business philosophy
• Franchisee recruitment program
• Franchise settlement process
• Franchisee induction and training program
• Site development program
• New store launch program
• Franchisee management program
• Performance Coach manual
• Franchisee compliance
• Franchise management
• Store management
• Store operations
• Customer experience
• Online franchisee Business Mapping program called Avatar
• How to be a great Franchisee
• Community involvement
• Supplier logistics program including supply agreements that will form the basis of securing the ideal supply partners in your region
• All necessary recruitment tools and draft franchise legal documentation suite
• Franchise support and training program
• Extensive training both in Australia and your region for the first challenging weeks of the operation
• Ongoing support and training on an as required basis
• A powerful launch and roll out strategy
• An online interactive franchise management system called World Manager

Together with our global network of franchisees, the difference we make is in improving the life of others by not only educating our customers on the benefits of healthy eating and the impact of waste on our planet – but also by working with local councils, supporting local schools, community projects, sustainability and conservation organisations, reforestation projects and indigenous education programs.

I would like to extend an invitation to you, to explore and review the opportunity of becoming part of a business that inspires enthusiasm, is leading a movement and is in a growing market segment. A business that will make you proud and enjoy being part of.


Name of franchise: The Source Bulk Foods
Established: 2014
Number of franchised outlets: 55
Location of units: Australia (50), New Zealand (3), UK (2)
Investment range: $1-2mil USD
Minimum required capital: $500,000 USD

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