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Friday 22nd October, 2021

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Lindex: agile, innovative, and entrepreneurial


Lindex: agile, innovative, and entrepreneurial

Albert Magnusson, Icelandic franchisee, explains the worldwide appeal of this Swedish fashion icon

Albert Magnusson, Icelandic franchisee, explains the worldwide appeal of this Swedish fashion icon

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“I think, in many ways, the aspect of social responsibility is a key component in Lindex’s success overall,” says Albert Magnusson, a Lindex franchisee who, along with his partner, Lóa D. Kristjansdóttir, brought the Swedish fashion franchise to Iceland in 2011. The couple now operates six stores and an online shop in the country, and recently opened a seventh in Fields, Denmark’s largest shopping center.

Social responsibility is certainly a backbone of the Lindex appeal; in fact, around “65 per cent of our production is through sustainable fibers,” says Magnusson. “We are one of the 10 largest buyers of organic cotton in the world, and 100 per cent of our baby assortment is made from this material.”

“I think, in many ways, the aspect of social responsibility is a key component in Lindex’s success overall”

But what led this Swedish icon, which offers a selection of clothing for both women and children, as well as high-quality lingerie, to have such a fervent, global audience? And what has drawn savvy entrepreneurs like Albert and Lóa to Lindex’s exceptional retail franchising model?

When Albert and Lóa met with Lindex’s director of franchising, Johan Isacson, in 2010 and agreed to launch the concept in Iceland, they weren’t quite prepared for the next decade of success.

“We said ‘yes’, but we had no idea what we were saying yes to,” explains Albert. “When we opened our first store in November of 2011, it turned out to be the largest in Lindex history. We received 12,200 people, and after four days of continuously welcoming guests, we had to shut down the store because we were out of stock.”

But rather than find themselves in hot water, Albert and Lóa were wholly supported by their dedicated franchisor and the hard-working Lindex team.

“Literally the whole team stood behind us, and we quadrupled the amount of stock we’d initially set out to have delivered to the store. This was right before Christmas! Regardless, the whole team took the challenge in their stride.”

This level of dedication to franchise partners has led Lindex to become the name in European fashion retail. The brand has even penetrated markets as far as Africa, with a new location in Tunisia that opened in November.

“It’s a tight-knit unit, and decisions are made rather quickly,” Albert says, of Lindex’s franchising team. “They’re agile and able to utilize innovation and entrepreneurship.”

What does the future hold for Lindex franchisees like Albert and Lóa, who have seen unbeatable success with their current multiunit ownership? “The quintessential question: what next? When I was walking to the office this morning, I found myself whistling Christmas songs, so I’m looking forward to that,” laughs Albert.

“There are discussions underway and we’ve been very successful. I’m looking forward to my future with Lindex.”


Name of franchise: Lindex
Established: 1954
Number of franchised outlets: 50 (approx. 470 corporate-owned)
Location of units: Iceland, Denmark, Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar
Investment range: Market dependent
Minimum required capital: Market dependent
Contact: or +46705-287373

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