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Franchise watch: decades of affordable luxury with BoConcept

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Franchise watch: decades of affordable luxury with BoConcept

BoConcept’s appealing Danish design furniture has been in demand since 1952

BoConcept’s appealing Danish design furniture has been in demand since 1952

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Backed by over 25 years of franchising experience, BoConcept is a retail offering that’s been redefining the idea of ‘affordable luxury’ for a very long time. In fact, with more than 300 stores open across 65 countries, it’s also one of the most internationally-spread retail franchise offerings of its kind.


In June 2019, BoConcept passed a momentous milestone when it opened its 300th location in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At the time, Brian Hedelund Nielsen, global business development director, celebrated the brand’s achievements but ensured his sights were still firmly planted on the future: “Being the world’s most global furniture retailer is an absolute privilege, and a testament to our products, service, and talented colleagues throughout the chain,” he said. “We, of course, celebrate this momentous achievement, yet the journey continues. We look forward to bringing BoConcept to even more locations across 65 countries.”

Expanding BoConcept’s footprint is at the center of everything the brand does, and it’s looking for savvy, experienced multi-unit operators who can help spread reliable Danish furniture to as many markets as possible. “

We are aiming to have more than 600 stores in less than five years,” said Nielsen. The U.S. and Europe have been earmarked as key development markets, and BoConcept is hoping to partner with franchisees who have the capability to open several stores in a given region or market: “For smaller markets, we are aiming to have only one multi-unit franchise partner to develop the whole region,” continued Nielsen. “This could be the case for countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy. We are also willing to further develop in Germany and France, as well as the U.S., but we aren’t excluding the possibility of developing elsewhere, if we find the right multi-unit partners.

“We can open in any market where there is the potential of three-plus BoConcept stores; our concept is proven to have a global scalability, and we really do not see any limitations.”


BoConcept’s franchise journey began with its first Parisian launch in 1993, and the brand has been adapting to new tastes and trends since then to remain at the forefront of the furniture world.

“Retail is constantly changing, and thus it is difficult to predict the future. There is no doubt that we will have to be agile and able to provide the best customer experience in our stores,” said Nielsen. “The contract furniture industry also presents a huge potential market, and that’s why we are already investing significantly in this segment. E-commerce is also something we will be taking into account in these next years.”

Despite all the forward- planning, BoConcept is equally focused on the success and fulfillment of its current franchise partners. As Nielsen explained: “In retail, the success of a store is often decided by the performance in the first six to 12 months of the store’s life. Therefore, we invest extensively in the support that we give to our franchise partners, both in this period, and then regularly afterwards. Our franchisees’ success is also our success.”


Established: 1952

Number of franchised restaurants open worldwide: 325+

Location of units: 65 countries around the world

Investment range: €350,000 – €650,000

Minimum required capital: €500,000 liquid funds, €1.5m net worth


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