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Wednesday 27th September, 2023

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Bodystreet: become your country’s market leader


Bodystreet: become your country’s market leader

The German fitness brand is expanding worldwide – franchise and master franchise opportunities are available now

The German fitness brand is expanding worldwide – franchise and master franchise opportunities are available now

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Within just a few years, Bodystreet has managed to leave its competitors far behind in the field of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and has now become the world market leader, with 300 boutique fitness studios in seven different countries. Successful franchisees range from fitness experts to career-changers.

Bodystreet undoubtedly dominates the market for fitness studios offering EMS today. At Bodystreet, the customer is always personally supervised by a certified Bodystreet instructor and requires much less time for a workout than in a classic gym: a 20-minute workout is all it takes.

How does Europe’s leading EMS boutique fitness provider manage to attract so many new and enthusiastic franchisees every year? No question about it: Bodystreet scores highly on concept, support and brand – but even these essentials need a sophisticated system of communication in order to reveal its great potential.

As a franchise system, Bodystreet has established new benchmarks and was awarded the DFV Marketing Award in 2015. For its comprehensive service portfolio and impressive system growth, Bodystreet was honored with the title of Germany’s “Franchise System of the Year” in 2016 and nominated for the “Best Franchise System” award in Austria in 2019.

“Bodystreet scores highly on concept, support and brand”

In order to attract franchisees, Bodystreet relies on a recruitment process that has grown over many years. It goes from the initial contact to a live presentation of Bodystreet’s concept, a counseling interview, a preliminary contract, and finally to the franchise agreement, which leads to an incredible onboarding process.

At Bodystreet, the entire recruitment process for new franchisees, from the first contact to the signing of the contract, is precisely timed and placed within a well-thought-out overall framework. All individual steps are carefully coordinated; they deliver the right message at the right time to each franchisee and, with meaningful intermediate steps, lay the foundation for a successful partnership with Bodystreet. Making sure that the integration process is experienced by the system newcomer as a harmonious, smooth cooperation results in a strong guarantee that in Bodystreet one has found an optimal partner in every respect for starting one’s own business.

Bodystreet is always looking for franchisees in existing markets. If Bodystreet does not operate in your country, secure the market by becoming a master franchisee.


Established: 2007
Number of franchised outlets: over 300
Location of units: United Kingdom, U.S.A., Germany, Austria, Italy, Gibraltar, Tanzania
Investment range: $80,000 – $100,000
Minimum required capital: $50,000

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