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Monday 6th February, 2023

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GF podcast: David McKillips of CEC Entertainment


GF podcast: David McKillips of CEC Entertainment

The CEO gives us a masterclass in how to reinvent experiential franchising

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Experiential businesses are increasingly popular among today’s consumers, with everybody from families to couples to friend groups wanting to spend their money on something bigger than a product or meal. But this is a sector that has been around for decades, and perhaps no brand in the space is more recognizable than Chuck E. Cheese.

Founded in 1977, Chuck E. Cheese has made a name for itself with its expansive entertainment venues where families can enjoy a pizza party and play arcade games to their heart’s content. But despite its American roots, Chuck E. Cheese is now embarking on international franchise growth with its first European site being announced earlier this year.

To learn more about the ongoing growth and development of this iconic U.S. staple, we caught up with David McKillips, CEO of CEC Entertainment, the parent company of both Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper Pizza. Having worked at huge brands like SeaWorld and Six Flags, McKillips has been able to utilize his experience and knowledge when helming the ongoing growth of Chuck E. Cheese.

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