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Wednesday 19th January, 2022

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Five vital tips for emerging franchise brands


Five vital tips for emerging franchise brands

We’ve spoken with the founders, CEOs, and presidents of the hottest emerging brands today to bring you the five most essential tips when identifying the perfect emerging franchise brand

We’ve spoken with the founders, CEOs, and presidents of the hottest emerging brands today to bring you the five most essential tips when identifying the perfect emerging franchise brand.

Interviews by Kieran McLoone, editor of Global Franchise

Starting out in the franchise world can be tough. There are many challenges to overcome and rivals to compete with, but sometimes, learning from each other is the best path to mutual success.

To solidify this point, we’ve gathered five tips from the leaders of thriving emerging brands, to help you build your foundation for the next big thing.

Stick to your fundamentals

“The best advice is to truly figure out your brand fundamentals and company values. With those, you can make a strong plan and stick to it.

“If you know what you want and stand for, then it’s easier not to compromise along the way, simply because of opportunity. You’ll find obstacles along the way that seem impossible but don’t take the easy way out. Stay true to your values and what you believe in. In the end you will succeed.”

– Ron Simpson, co-founder, The Avocado Show

Seek markets that are a value fit

“It is important to grow internationally within new markets that will have a good fit with your corporate values. For us, they are both offering a “good life” and convenience to the consumer, as well as generating local impact in neighborhoods, creating jobs and opportunities with our business model.

“New markets should have a good fit with the organization: Leverage our current business for implementation, which fits with our existing business operations.”

– Eloi Gómez, co-founder, Jeff

Keep things simple

“Keep the business model simple and straightforward. When it comes to growing internationally, having a product that is well-loved and timeless is important. People keep coming back for our chicken because of the high-quality ingredients and unique and cravable flavors.

“Lastly, having an incredibly strong corporate team and partnering with well-qualified, experienced restaurant operators assists in growing sustainably and keeping momentum for the brand.”

– Shannon Swenson, VP of franchise development, Dave’s Hot Chicken

Surround yourself with passionate people

“Getting the foundations right, in terms of the prospects you recruit into your network, is imperative. Our franchise opportunity appeals to people from all walks of life, but one common goal unifies them – inspiring the innovators of tomorrow.

“By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals with a real belief in your product or service, growth will quickly follow. Code Ninjas prospects, for instance, should be passionate about instilling a sense of confidence in our ninjas – we can equip them with the rest. As long as the foundations are sound and the right people are in place, growth on an international scale is more than just viable – it’s inevitable.

– Justin Nihiser, CEO, Code Ninjas

Build solid foundations

“Growing sustainably and internationally is something that is achievable for most franchises with the right foundations. Being sure to regularly revisit all the franchise systems and processes and work with franchisees to innovate and further update them is really important.

“A clear vision and growth map of the road ahead to expand internationally is vital. Working with mentors who have already achieved what you want to is really valuable too. We never stop learning!”

– Chris Elms, business development manager, BabyBallers

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