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Wednesday 22nd March, 2023

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Foodie Franchise Serves Success

Case Study

Foodie Franchise Serves Success

Leverage your interpersonal skills, enthusiasm and experiences by joining the vomFASS family

Leverage your interpersonal skills, enthusiasm and experiences by joining the vomFASS family

Founded in Germany in 1994, vomFASS has grown to nearly 300 locations in 28 countries around the globe. The specialty food industry is expanding rapidly, positioning vomFASS as a growing brand with exciting market potential.

This is a great opportunity to work with an established brand and use your skills to educate and entertain customers.

Store locations in major markets are still available and we are also looking for investors to join our brand too. vomFASS franchisees have a strong set of business skills, enjoy the recognition of ownership and the opportunity to control their own destinies while providing superior quality products to their customers.

“It’s a great time to join the vomFASS family,” says Thomas Kiderlen, owner of vomFASS International. “For over 20 years the vomFASS franchise opportunity has provided the platform for highly motivated individuals to display their communication and business skills and appreciation of gourmet foods and spirits. Our franchise opportunity revolves around educating, informing and sharing a vast array of products in an exciting environment.”

The combination of exclusive artisanal products and unique in-store tasting experiences provides franchisees with tools to capitalize on two key trends: foodie culture and experiential retail.

Foodie Culture

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever about the quality and sourcing of the foods they eat. This fresh new phenomenon is often described as “foodie culture,” and it’s changing customer expectations as to what products they want and how much they will pay.

vomFASS excels in catering to the adventurous sensibilities and high expectations of foodies. We employ the strictest criteria for selecting products and their ingredients. Additionally, our bottles can be refilled for individual customers, minimizing the impact to the environment.

vomFASS is the only global franchise that focuses on gourmet and specialty goods with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, innovation, affordability, education and entertainment.

Part of the vomFASS magic is our careful selection and curation of the finest growers and producers from the Swiss Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean. Most of them are multigenerational businesses (like vomFASS itself), who follow the strictest guidelines for cultivation, harvesting, land stewardship, maturation and extraction practices.

All products are stored and shipped in airtight containers, to make sure they never touch air or sunlight until the moment of tasting or bottling. Fresh as can be, and every one with a unique story behind them, vomFASS offers a purely amazing taste journey for adventurous foodies.

Experiential Retail

Our vomFASS Look-Taste-Enjoy concept delivers a retail experience that is truly unique in the marketplace. Customers step into a beautifully crafted European style tasting room and sample artisanal oils, fruit vinegars, liqueurs, and spirits.

They can learn the stories behind the tastes that intrigue – because every product has a story behind it.

Best of all, every visitor to the vomFASS store will be able to sample directly “from the cask,” experiencing a variety of captivating tastes and then select their favorites to enjoy at home.

After tasting, the customer can purchase as much as they desire. They can even refill clean, empty bottles with our fresh products.

Customers engage all five senses in the product discovery and selection process. They know when they walk out the door they are going to be 100% thrilled with their purchase.

Our franchisees love to entertain and educate customers on new product arrivals, enticing pairings and how to integrate our extensive line of gourmet products into their lives and homes.

They become ambassadors of vomFASS by leveraging our unique value proposition and our extensive product knowledge to deliver the experience and authenticity that today’s consumers demand.

A winning tradition and world class training programs
As a global company for over 20 years, vomFASS has developed a proven business model. We are proud to have received many awards for both the products we offer as well as our franchise system.

This tradition of excellence is something that is embodied in everything we do – from our store locations, to our franchise partners and of course, any new products.

We’ve also developed an intensive training program that will help you learn every aspect of your business, from marketing and selling our products to training your staff, and much more.

As a franchise owner, you will join a global company, with significant buying power and access to the most authentic gourmet products in the world.

You will stand out as a leader and gain name recognition and a refined reputation. You can educate visitors at your store and entertain customers from near and far.

Our franchisees say:

You don’t have to believe us on why you should join the vomFASS Family. Hear it from our franchisees.

How did you hear about vomFASS?

Jerry and I were on a vacation in San Francisco shopping in the Ghirardelli Chocolate shopping area. We spotted a vomFASS store and were curious. Upon going inside, we were greeted immediately and shown around the store. We were impressed with the employee’s knowledge of the vast variety of oils and vinegars in the store. We purchased product and had them shipped home. – vomFASS franchise in McAllen, Texas.
Are you happy with your decision?

It really was the best thing that I’ve ever done – well, marrying my husband was the best thing I’ve ever done, but, yes, I’m really happy with the decision I made.” – vomFASS franchise in St. Louis, Missouri

Established: 1994
Number of franchised outlets: 280+
Investment range: $100,000 USD upwards
Minimum required capital: $100,000 USD
Contact: Email:, Website: Call us at +49(0)752997513 or +1-8338663277.

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