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Thursday 11th August, 2022

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Creamistry: the 21C Way to Sell Ice Cream

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Creamistry: the 21C Way to Sell Ice Cream

The liquid nitrogen ice cream franchise’s No. 1 ingredient for success is creativity

The liquid nitrogen ice cream franchise’s No. 1 ingredient for success is creativity

As Creamistry continues to expand its footprint throughout the world as one of the fastest-growing ice cream franchises, growth is not the only recognition that the company is touting. The California-based franchise that specializes in made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream lives true to their name as they flex their mad-scientist-like minds and taste buds behind the counter to create new menu items and flavor profiles that propels the company ahead of their competition.

“A majority of Creamistry’s growth and success is attributed to the tireless dedication of our incredible team – both employees and franchisees,” said Creamistry founders and CEO, Jay Yim. “The other reason responsible for the company’s success is the commitment to innovation. At Creamistry we study new business practices and models, industry trends, and flavors to learn and understand the new crazes customers are yearning for. Creamistry finds new ways to incorporate the latest trends and business practices where and when it best fits. Innovation is key in order to be successful in an industry that is always shifting.”

Yim was first introduced to the concept of liquid nitrogen ice cream on the streets of South Korea in 2003. Born into a family of Korean bakers, Yim and his wife Katie, made their first batch of homemade liquid nitrogen ice cream with the help of his father as the quality control “chemist.” Over the next two years, the family experimented with over a hundred flavor combinations, the best of which eventually became an integral part of Creamistry’s menu. Since founded in 2013 and franchising since 2014, Creamistry has opened almost 60 locations in seven states, and locations in China, India, and Saudi Arabia.

“Creamistry’s menu is a major attraction for business partners, they like to see that Creamistry does not stay complacent with success but instead that we are always working towards the next big thing,” expressed Yim. “Change is a part of growth, and when you are willing to change your menu and some business practices – you are telling business partners that you are always looking to better your brand, your service, and business revenue.”

Creating flavorful changes

Since first opening its doors, Creamistry’s hunger for success continues to grow and so does the company’s menu. From using liquid nitrogen to make its delicious ice cream, to elevating dessert classics like milkshakes to NitroShakes, and staying on trend with the Japanese-bubble waffle cones and incorporating espresso into the mix – Creamistry’s menu does not stay the same. The extensive menu boasts new items every few months, and while it may seem meticulous there is a method to the madness.

“The most fun element of having an ice cream shop is the innovation and creativity that thrives within it,” expressed Yim. “We are constantly experimenting with new flavors and forms of ice cream. What sets Creamistry apart is our menu and we take pride in continually elevating our offerings for our customers. Creating new menu items, flavors and reviving classic desserts keeps our customers interested in revisiting our stores and bringing along new friends.”

In 2018 the brand launched the addition of vegan ice cream bases (coconut and cashew) to add variety, and appeal to customers with dietary restrictions, and the popular Japanese-bubble waffle cone was included to the menu. Childhood classics like ice cream sandwiches were revitalized with the option create ice cream flavors, and to use cereal or brownie pieces as the “base” of the dessert were debuted, allowing guests more options to enjoy ice cream in a Nitroshake, Ice Cream Sandwich, cup or a cone.

Within the first quarter of 2019 Creamistry has launched their newest dessert – customizable liquid nitrogen made ice cream cakes – in which they partnered with local California pastry chef Newton Shin on the creation and design to perfect what would become their newest signature menu item. As the menu continues to evolve so does the brand’s flavor profile. While keeping classics like its Chocolate Combustion and their Captain’s Breakfast, a fun twist on the childhood Cap’n Crunch cereal, the company has also introduced 10 newly developed flavor combinations. The new flavors take spins on classics like a PB&J sandwich and Campfire S’mores while venturing into new flavor profiles like the popular Mexican frozen dessert, Mangonada.

“While the company continues to grow and expand, we are faced with the challenge to find new ways that will keep Creamistry from being ‘another ice cream shop’, and it’s a fun challenge to tackle. We pull inspiration from our customers and take note on flavors that they combine often, spend time researching cult-classis that we can provide a flavor-lift to, and paying close attention to the industry itself has always been one of our best resources.”

Concocting new opportunities

Creamistry’s plans for growth are a blend of internal and external changes, with several more menu items scheduled to debut throughout 2019, and larger plans in place for targeted growth on the regional, national, and international levels. New store models are on the horizon for the company as well.

“The more the company grows, it’s important to pay attention to what works well, what doesn’t, and what can be improved. There’s always room for growth, even when you are succeeding,” said Yim. “Experimenting with new flavors is one aspect of the industry, but implementing new business practices and models will teach us what works best for our brand and help to propel us further ahead.”

Six years after opening its doors, Creamistry is on the road to breaking the 100 store mark over the next few years as there are almost more than 60 stores currently operating in the U.S. There are over 200 additional locations in various stages of development and several that are scheduled to open in 2019, with a Master Franchise Agreement in place for China. The company’s growth has been driven by multi-unit deals and major franchise groups that have invested into Creamistry locations.

Special franchisee ingredients

Creamistry is always interested in new potential franchisees who share the same passion for customer service, business, and of course ice cream. The initial franchisee fee is $40,000, and the initial investment required to open a Creamistry franchise is $224-500 – $576,500. The franchisee fee for a second store is $30,000 and $20,000 for subsequent stores. The average store is about 1,000 – 1,500 square feet, seats 20-40 customers and employs approximately 20 full- and part-time employees.


Name of franchise: Creamistry
Established: 2013
Number of franchised outlets: 59 (60 total stores)
Location of units: CA, NV (Las Vegas), AZ, TX, LA (Metairie), GA (Buford), NY (NYC, temp. closed)
Investment range: $224,500 – $576,500
Minimum required capital: $300,000 liquid capital, $500,000 net worth
Contact: Stephen Boud,, 657-295-5899

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