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Friday 9th December, 2022

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Changing lives is not just a slogan – it’s a way of life for Ziggi’s Coffee

North America

Changing lives is not just a slogan – it’s a way of life for Ziggi’s Coffee

As one of America’s fastest-growing coffee franchises, Ziggi’s Coffee is delivering “life-changing coffee”

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On the heels of the first Ziggi’s Coffee franchisee conference, the theme of “life-changing coffee” was apparent in the lives of all who attended.

Ziggi’s Coffee may have higher AUVs than most, may be growing faster than most, but at the heart of the concept, it’s about seeking opportunities to change lives; lives of the franchisees, lives of the store staff, lives of the corporate team, lives of the vendor-partners, and local communities across the country.

Transitioning to a new era

Co-founder and president Brandon Knudsen said, “This conference was a big milestone for us. It was a transition to the next era of Ziggi’s Coffee. It was incredible to bring together the entire Ziggi’s family for the first time, to hear everyone’s story, to share our story, and to look ahead at a bright future.”

Every aspect of the Ziggi’s Coffee concept is about the people and their stories. The Ziggi’s team curates the best possible products from people whose stories will enrich the brand.

“We heard from vendor-partners that would not have made it through the pandemic and small companies with beautiful stories and deep roots that got their start when Ziggi’s picked up their products. This allows our brand to have a diverse menu full of the best products on the market, while also weaving a story of who we are and the lives we can impact simply by focusing on the people behind the products,” said Knudsen.

To build a franchise family with intention is no easy feat. It takes discipline and a development process strategically planned out with care and an unwavering commitment to awarding franchises to only the best possible franchisees.

“We developed this franchise from the beginning with the simple idea that we were going to build a system of people that we wanted to spend time with at conference. Now a few weeks post-conference, I would say we are succeeding in bringing together a pretty incredible group of folks to expand the Ziggi’s brand (now signed in 25 states),” said Justin Livingston, who heads up the brand’s development.

Dedicated franchisees

Early franchisees husband and wife Greg and Jill Bland (Northern Colorado), now just ahead of opening their fifth Ziggi’s Coffee location, were asked why they decided to join the Ziggi’s Coffee brand.

“We explored other coffee franchises, but ultimately fell in love with the quality and diversity of the products and the fact that the company treated us like people, not a number. I would encourage anyone exploring getting into franchising to do your homework! Talk to lots of owners and get to know the team. Visit lots of shops and really get a feel for the people and culture. With Ziggi’s, you can make a real difference in your community and in people’s lives and though it’s not easy, you can have fun doing it!”

With the small town of Longmont, Colorado as the birthplace of the Ziggi’s brand, expansion to other cities and beyond the state border has been a decision that has waylaid the growth plan of even the savviest brands. With careful planning, a focus on “who” as opposed to “where” has proven to be the right move for Ziggi’s expansion.

With agreements signed in 25 states and growing, out-of-state stores are opening with record-setting numbers proving the Ziggi’s way of doing business translates well and the demand for an alternative is high.

A family feel

Just days after a record-setting opening in Katy, Texas, franchisees David and Amber King are thrilled to be open and serving their community.

“I’ve launched and ran several businesses over the years, however, in this phase of life, Amber and I were looking for something we didn’t have to start from the ground-up. After looking into it, Ziggi’s seemed perfect for us! We took our time to make sure this was the right fit. Talking to existing franchisees, their overwhelming belief in Ziggi’s is what convinced us,” said David King.

“Ziggi’s is a brand that strives to be the very best part of each customer’s day”

Reeling from the excitement of one of the largest grand openings in system history, King said, “It really is like a family. Everyone at corporate is extremely good at their job and they are always available to engage and help when needed. I can’t say enough good things about the company and the Ziggi’s corporate team.”

Family is a word that circulated at the Ziggi’s conference quite a bit. Not in the form of marketing promises or catchy pitches, but as new friends gathered, broke bread, attended sessions and social events.

Family in the sense of caring for one another’s well-being in a genuine and authentic way. “The conference created an environment where life-long friendships were formed. It was an event so full of love and excitement, not just for each franchisee’s individual store or upcoming opening or even for brand growth, but a sense of something bigger, something we can only accomplish together,” said Livingston. “There is something special happening here, a groundswell that will carry the Ziggi’s brand to unbelievable new heights. I am so excited to see what the future holds for this system. When incredible people rally behind something incredible, anything can happen!”

As Ziggi’s Coffee continues expansion, building the family one new relationship at a time, Ziggi’s Coffee is becoming a household name synonymous with a customer experience like no other. Ziggi’s is a brand that strives to be the very best part of each customer’s day.

At a glance Ziggi’s Coffee

Year established: 2004
Year franchised: 2016
Number of franchise agreements: 146
Number of franchised outlets: 31
Location of units: U.S. (25 states signed)
Investment range: $600,000 – $1.2m
Minimum required capital: $150,000

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