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Monday 20th March, 2023

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The Franchise Association of South Africa joins the World Franchise Network


The Franchise Association of South Africa joins the World Franchise Network

The Franchise Association of South Africa is the latest national franchise organization to join Global Franchise’s World Franchise Network

Global Franchise is excited to announce the Franchise Association of South Africa as a new member of its growing World Franchise Network platform, with the group joining other associations and organizations looking to promote franchise knowledge, research, and best practice. 

Kieran McLoone, editor of Global Franchise, said: “We are delighted to have the Franchise Association of South Africa join our ever-growing World Franchise Network. We relish the opportunity to connect with the leading franchise specialists of specific countries and territories, and we look forward to shining a light on the vibrant franchise industry of South Africa.

The Franchise Association of Southern Africa (FASA) is a trade association for franchisors, franchisees, and the professional organizations that service the franchise industry. Its aim is to develop and safeguard the business environment for ethical franchising in South Africa.

FASA’s criteria for membership conforms to international best practices and is acknowledged by the government and the public at large. FASA is a full member of the World Franchise Council. FASA has been the guiding force of franchising in South Africa for 43 years and the growth and stability of the sector is largely thanks to the work that FASA has done over the years to promote ethical franchising. 

Those who are members of FASA have voluntarily made a commitment to abide by the ethical standards laid down by FASA and the international franchise community. That in itself is an indication of their commitment to operating sound and ethical businesses.

The Franchise Association of South Africa in 2019 contributed an estimated turnover of ZAR734 billion (or 13.9 per cent of GDP), through its around 800 franchise systems (of which 80 per cent are home-grown concepts), 48,000 franchised outlets, and employing close to half a million people. It is unique in that it has grown a first-world franchise sector in a third-world country for over 42 years and is the leading franchise country on the African continent.  

Pertunia Sibanyoni, chairperson of the Franchise Association South Africa and a judge in the Global Franchise Awards 2022, said: “The one unifying factor that unites franchising globally is the determination to overcome the obstacles presented by the pandemic and finding the opportunities out of the adversity to come out stronger as the world’s economy recovers. 

“It is up to us, as the franchise community that has contributed so much to the country’s economy over the past forty years, to ensure that our sector recovers from the effects of the pandemic and sets goals for renewed growth in the future.

“If there is one business sector that knows how to balance the scales of supply and demand, be innovative enough to change course and use its collective power to weather the storm, it’s franchising.”

The World Franchise Network was created in 2020 to gather franchise associations and bodies all under one roof with the intention to encourage and foster greater connectivity between franchising nations.  

As part of the partnership, Global Franchise works closely with recognized associations when covering their respective territories, sharing crucial intel and insight to ensure readers are clued up with up-to-date industry stats, regulatory updates and more. To find out more about the World Franchise Network, including how to join, click here.

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