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Friday 3rd February, 2023

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POWERLIST: Top 15 emerging European concepts to invest in today


POWERLIST: Top 15 emerging European concepts to invest in today

Franchising has proven to be such a successful model the world over, that new brands are constantly emerging in every imaginable sector. Here are 15 of the most exciting new concepts from throughout Europe, that have been franchising no earlier than 2011 and have succeeded in growing beyond their respective home markets

Franchising has proven to be such a successful model the world over, that new brands are constantly emerging in every imaginable sector. Here are 15 of the most exciting new concepts from throughout Europe, that have been franchising no earlier than 2011 and have succeeded in growing beyond their respective home markets.

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Founded by millennial entrepreneurs Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal, The Avocado Show is built on pillars of sustainability and responsibility. It began with a seed of an idea that grew into the first Amsterdam location in 2017, and the co-founders have since signed international deals to launch throughout Europe.

“We know franchising is a crowded space. It’s so easy to get lost in the mix or become ‘just another restaurant brand,’ which is why we stay focused on our purpose,” says Ron Simpson. “From day one we have been on a mission to share the Avo Love with fans and friends alike in cool cities around the world. That is unique, and will never change.”

TRIB3 began in the U.K. as a focused, high-intensity boutique workout experience built around the TRI training system: treadmills, resistance, and intensity. Its compact 1,000 square foot studios, designed to provide a maximum number of spots-per-session, have proven wildly popular; inspiring, as the name would imply, a dedicated tribe of fitness aficionados.

Since its launch in 2016, TRIB3 has exploded throughout Europe. As well as its home market in the U.K., the boutique brand now has locations throughout Spain, Russia, Finland, and China – with further sites planned for the Republic of Ireland and the Netherlands this year.

BabyBallers’ first club in 2016 sold out before it had even opened, which led its founders to launch the franchise opportunity the following year to keep up with fierce demand from parents and their soccer-loving children.

It’s not about introducing fierce competition into children’s lives through sport, but instead about building character skills and confidence. “We encourage active engagement, increase the parent-child bond and promote an environment that enables children to use their initiative and creativity,” explains Chris Elms, business development manager. “Job satisfaction doesn’t come close when you can see the difference your BabyBallers club has made to a child’s confidence and social skills, not to mention when you see the parents developing a new social circle, too.”

Colizeum is one of several new eSport concepts that have taken the franchising world by storm in recent years; thanks in part to the rising popularity of streaming services such as Twitch, which allow millions of fans to watch their favourite eAthletes compete in popular gaming arenas.

This Moscow-based competitor in this very fresh industry has opened more than 160 ‘cyber arenas’, and expanded beyond its Russian roots to Minsk in 2021. With eSports being an exponentially growing industry the world over, it shouldn’t be long before we see Colizeum sites – and those from its competitors – in markets around the globe.

Italy is widely recognized as the spiritual home of coffee, and 101CAFFÉ is one of Italy’s most recognizable coffee retailers. The brand works with artisan roasteries in the north and south of Italy to source only the best coffee beans, which it then packages up and supplies to customers the world over.

The Italian brand launched its first franchise location in 2012, and began international expansion with its first step into Switzerland in 2017. In 2018, 101CAFFÉ hit a notable milestone when it opened its 101st store.

This brand began as an idea shared between three two-wheeled vehicle enthusiasts, and has since grown into a European staple with a presence across nine countries. Blinkee.city initially sent out a fleet of mopeds onto the streets of Warsaw in 2017 as a test, and was soon met with consumer demand unlike anything its founders could have anticipated.

Within one year of launch, Blinkee.city had around 1,000 rentable mopeds in its fleet, and was available in multiple international markets. In 2019 the brand introduced scooters into its repertoire, and today, it operates over 7,000 vehicles across a broad portfolio.

Salad Box has been riding the healthy-eating trend since 2012, when it first opened in Cluj-Napoca, the second-largest city in Romania. Its menu consists of a variety of salads, vegetable soups, natural juices, and smoothies – perfect for consumers looking for a healthy alternative to other F&B concepts on the market.

The brand stretched its international legs in 2016, with expansion to Hungary and Algeria. Since then, European interest in Salad Box has boomed with the organization now operating in the U.K., Republic of Ireland, U.S., Spain, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Bulgaria.

Boutique workout franchise brands are becoming as prevalent in the contemporary franchising market as restaurant mainstays, and HITZone is no exception. Founded in the U.K. in 2015, the concept uses proprietary HIT Machines as part of its classes, which are designed to give a solid workout in just 25 minutes.

“What differentiates HITZone is that we are not in competition with anyone in the fitness industry – we are in competition with a reluctance to exercise and sedentary lifestyles,” says Stuart Cain, founder. “HITZone has been specially designed to help those reluctant exercisers who make up the vast majority of the population.”

Self-care has received increased attention after the past year’s events, with brands that put a focus on mental and physical wellbeing exploding in popularity. Beautiful Me rollmassage has been riding this wave before anybody heard of a global pandemic, however, with its Estonian launch back in 2017.

Following a roll-out of its franchising model in 2020, Beautiful Me rollmassage took its unique services to Sweden – just two months after opening the opportunity for investment.

Education is something of an evergreen sector, but that doesn’t mean that innovation and evolution can’t have an impact in this dynamic space. One such brand proving this point is Logiscool; the Hungarian coding school that has taught more than 100,000 students via its carefully curated curriculum.

“We have an unbeatable combination of a proven, long-term, gamified curriculum, an interactive edutainment community portal, and an own-developed unique platform and methodology to teach six to 18 year old children programming and other digital topics like robotics, AI, or video creation in a fun and engaging way,” explains Gyula Csitári, co-founder and CEO. “Our professional teams guarantee continuous development of curriculum and IT platforms, including our very own, complete CRM system.”

Ice and Roll is a Polish street food catering franchise that has seen success both throughout its domestic market, as well as in many other franchising regions the world over. In fact, since its 2013 launch, the brand has grown to over 650 sale points across Germany, the Czech Republic, Britain, Ireland, Slovakia, France, Spain, Ukraine, Majorca, and Croatia.

The Ice and Roll model is proven across a variety of scenarios, including outdoor parties, festivals, markets, breakfast fairs, or food truck conventions.

As a perfume retailer that creates its own cosmetic and home-fragrance products, Equivalenza puts a considerable emphasis on remaining a green company with ethical values. For example, it promotes a refill system for all of its products to reduce environmental impact, and also uses vegetable alcohol in perfumes and fragrances in accordance with the Vegan Society of the United Kingdom.

As such, the retail franchisor has grown from its roots in Barcelona to now distribute its products across 725 establishments in a total of 27 countries.

Flower Burger is perfect for those living a meat-free lifestyle, as the Milan-based restaurant brand offers a 100 per cent plant-based menu at all of its sites. These include locations in Italy, France, and the Netherlands – soon to include the U.K., following a partnership with Gerry’s Group to bring up to 45 locations to the country over the next 10 years.

“Flower Burger is the first chain in the world offering rainbow vegan burgers, totally made in house using only natural ingredients,” says Matteo Toto, founder. “In this way we want to promote our Earth, its variety, and diversity. Inclusivity, diversity and better living are the main pillars of our brand and everyday we work hard with passion and love to gift a moment of pleasure to our customers.”

Cannabis Store Amsterdam is a franchise network of retail locations that sell food and drink products characterized by the taste of cannabis; something that the brand asserts is “totally legal and subject to scrupulous quality controls.” It isn’t a dispensary franchise, but is instead banking on the $19.9bn-plus global cannabis industry.

The brand has experienced such popularity that it recently launched a Cannabis Store Amsterdam Hotel opportunity, in which it will bear all expenses to turn an investor’s existing hotel location into a branded Cannabis Store Amsterdam hotspot.

Founded in Valencia in 2015, Mr Jeff was a response to the disdain that consumers had for handling their own washing and ironing. Its streamlined pick-up and delivery services put convenience at the forefront, and this direction has led to the brand selling more than 2,000 stores internationally.

“Mr Jeff brings the convenience of Amazon or Netflix to laundry,” says Eloi Gomez, CEO. “This franchise model infused with cutting edge technology has now modernized the tedious task of laundry in more than 30 countries through a seamless 48-hour home pickup and delivery mobile app-based service. In addition, customers are also drawn to a subscription model, boosting the recurrence of the service.”

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