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Wednesday 27th September, 2023

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thexton armstrong

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thexton armstrong

thexton armstrong

Thexton Armstrong is a company which provides advice and guidance to SME business owners, helping them to become professional entrepreneurs

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No. of franchised outlets
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Investment range
€47,500 - €150,000
Franchise fee
% of revenue
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Company Bio

thexton armstrong is a SME business mentoring franchise that launched with its first franchisees in the Netherlands in early 2012. In this last decade alone, SMEs have been hit by global events such as the Global Financial Crisis, COVID-19, inflation, energy crisis, war in Europe, Brexit (UK), with no doubt more shocks to come. Many are fighting back to rebuild financial stability and are keen to improve their resistance to future external shocks.

thexton armstrong’s purpose, therefore, is to mentor SME business owners to become professional entrepreneurs, so their companies can become more resilient and profitable, making business ownership more rewarding and enjoyable.

The company’s business mentors separate themselves from all others in the competitive SME business consulting franchise space by connecting with business owners on a personal level, rather than pitching specific expertise.

They talk with the client, rather than talking to or at them. They establish long-term relationships without creating dependencies. They rather transfer knowledge and experience to the business owner and team, creating a culture of continuous improvement. The ultimate goal is to become their client’s trusted advisor.

As a country or regional master franchise partner, you’ll found and grow your own thexton armstrong SME Business Mentoring franchise. Not only will you help the SME community, you’ll also create a new community by recruiting, training and managing your own team of business mentors in the UK.

thexton armstrong will support you with its distinctive brand, know-how, extensive tools, methodologies, training and coaching programmes, and go-to market strategies.

Opportunities for individual franchise partners are also available on request. As an individual franchise partner, you will establish your thexton armstrong SME Business Mentoring practice in your own exclusive territory in the United Kingdom.

How does the thexton armstrong model work?

As a master franchisee you will benefit from an out-of-the-box master franchise with extensive training, tools, templates and methodologies. You will have your own exclusive territory to recruit, support and grow a team of independent franchisees.

As a master franchisee, you typically spend part of your time supporting SME clients as well as having first-hand insight into the benefits of the company’s programs to SMEs, thus allowing you to better coach your franchisees as well.

All franchisees receive extensive training, not just on consulting programmes, but also how to convert prospective business owners into paying clients. Franchisees benefit from a state-of-the-art client conversion methodology that allows them to convert SME prospects to clients in three complementary sessions, based on the business owner’s personal motivation, before requiring the business owner to commit to a contract.

The first session, the Discovery meeting, establishes a connection and trust. This facilitates the business owner to gain insights into his/her hopes and pains, and uncover personal motivation and urgency to change the way the business and the team is being managed.

Following on from the Discovery meeting, franchisees offer qualified business owners a second, complementary session, the Profit Leakage session. Here they connect the dots between the founder’s hopes and pains with what is (or isn’t) happening in their business.

This session is facilitated by thexton armstrong’s online Profit Leakage application, which immediately indicates how much and where profit is leaking from the business and how to recover losses. A third meeting is solely dedicated to mapping out plans and options to start working together.

Once they’ve signed a client, franchisees work on structural improvements through one of thexton armstrong’s SME programmes and establish a lasting relationship as the client’s business mentor.

SME clients typically sign on for an annual programme with a minimum commitment period. Fees are invoiced monthly to help the SME client’s cashflow while at the same time offering income stability to franchisees. Franchisees typically work with a client base of five to 10 SMEs, depending on the selected client programme, with client relationships often lasting for years.

Who would make a great thexton armstrong franchisee?

A thexton armstrong franchisee is typically a positive, proactive and entrepreneurial person who is also curious, empathic and people-oriented.

Master franchisees have a proven track record in general management positions, as independent consultants or as business (co)owners. Ideally, they also have experience with franchise systems, business consulting and leading teams remotely. All master franchisee training is conducted in English.

What kind of support can thexton armstrong master franchisees expect?

Master franchisees receive the same extensive training as their franchisees. The 10-day franchisee onboarding consists of foundation and SME programme workshops spread out over two months.

Additionally, master franchisees will also benefit from the train-the-trainer programme, while being supported by extensive coaching and mentoring to ensure a successful start.

thexton armstrong offers extensive tools to help, ranging from online collaboration platforms, online applications, client manuals and templates, blueprints on how to recruit franchisees, marketing programmes, peer exchanges and more.

How much does a thexton armstrong franchise cost?

For master franchisees
The initial master franchise investment level required depends on market size, and starts from €47,500, excluding working capital. This includes training and the minimum batch of franchise licences to start recruiting the first franchisees.

Master franchisees also have the opportunity to invest in additional franchise licence batches at a 50 per cent discounted rate of 10 per cent at the start of the master franchise (regular royalty fee on franchise licences sold is set at 20 per cent). Royalty fees are set at 2.5 per cent of the total franchisee group revenue.

Master franchisees are expected to invest in local marketing efforts to recruit franchisees and start building awareness in the SME market.

Depending on (additional) investment in franchise licence batches, local pricing of franchise licences, master franchisees own performance and recruitment efforts, master franchisees can expect to break even on their initial investment within 12 months.

For franchisees
The initial one-off franchise investment is €39,500 (€29,500 for founding franchise partners – to be confirmed by local master franchisee) excluding working capital. This includes the training and exclusivity rights for the selected territory.

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