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Monday 28th November, 2022

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10 emerging brands to watch out for in 2022


10 emerging brands to watch out for in 2022

New concepts pop up every day, but only the strongest and most resilient can survive and thrive. Here are 10 emerging franchises that professionals and entrepreneurs should keep an eye out for

The franchise model rewards profitable and easily replicated concepts, and it’s no surprise that the last two years has to some extent, redefined our needs and wants in a variety of ways.  

While many brands were founded with the intention to franchise them, others have discovered the viability of the franchise model later in their lives. Here is our list of brands that were either founded in, or began to franchise within the last five years and have grown out of their home countries. 

Fit Jeff

Jeff launched Fit Jeff in 2020, with the intention of leveraging the recognized Jeff image to launch a fitness brand. The brand has seen meteoric growth in little time, registering a presence in 41 countries. Jeff acquired Entrenarme, a Spanish fitness company in 2019, and combined it with Jeff’s own platform, Spacefit to create Fit Jeff. The wider Jeff brand was created in 2015 by Eloi Gomez and his partners in Spain as an app-based laundry service. 

Fit Jeff focuses on the use of digital tools and solutions. Customers or interested parties have access to an in-store tablet to check and book classes on top of their mobile application. Franchise owners are provided with Jeff Suite, a management software and an all-in-one tool that manages everything, from marketing to reducing operational costs. 

Jeff’s appeal comes from the simplicity and quality of its digital tools; this is a brand that can enter any traditional field and disrupt it with its tech offering. There is no doubt Jeff Fit will become a major player in the global fitness industry. 


The healthy food brand was created by Hero Brands, the group behind German Doner KebabChoppaluna, the healthy eating chain, was born in Berlin, Germany when founder Nikhas Agra came across chopped salad restaurants in the U.S. and wanted to bring the concept to Germany. 

The brand tries to separate itself from similar healthy-eating chains by emphasizing the taste of its products, and promising consumers both a healthy and enjoyable meal. There is also a focus on environmental friendliness, with an emphasis on a sustainable supply chain and the use of local produce at its locations. 

Choppaluna opened the doors of its flagship London location in November 2020 and finally opened its much awaited Berlin location in September 2021. The success of the London location has led to a commitment of opening 10 units across the U.K., with two of those locations already up and running in Scotland. 

Healthy eating brands are only on the rise – and those that can promise tasty and healthy food will dominate the industry and benefit from being amongst the first who saw the niche and went all in. 

The Avocado Show

Instagrammable menus have been popular in the last few years with the rise of food bloggers and food culture on social media. The restaurant creates an assortment of healthy foods made from avocados and other fruits and vegetables in the form of burgers, bowls, tacos, salads and much more. 

The pairing of Ron Simpson and Julien Zaal seem to have an implicit understanding of what works, since their concept, The Avocado Show, went viral when the first restaurant opened in the De Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It garnered hundreds of millions of views and 150,000 followers on Instagram from 60 countries. 

The healthy eating brand opened its first international location in Brussels in November 2018 and opened its second in Madrid in January 2021. The Avocado Show has significant expansion plans, and is eyeing the construction of 19 locations across France, Germany, Spain and the U.K. 

Social media friendly concepts have an appeal beyond the core service or product, as The Avocado Show’s ancillary cookbook, merchandise and documentary adventures have shown. 

The Wall Printer

The founder of The Wall Printer, Paul Baron, was looking for the next big thing and decided he had found it with the concept of wall printing. While it was popular in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, it was an unknown quantity in the U.S. The business can inexpensively paint indoor and outdoor murals on entire walls. 

In 2019, Baron finalized an agreement with a leading Asian manufacturer, that was able to both match the required price point but also provide a high-quality product that is easily assembled. The Wall Printer is the only business of its kind headquartered in the U.S., creating an entirely new vertical in a competitive region.  

The business has grown rapidly, with many seeing the potential in the concept. The brand has sold an impressive 50 franchises in 90 markets since its establishment in 2019. 

The Wall Printer has early-mover advantage and is still the only player in the field, something that will sustain its image as other entrepreneurs see its success and attempt to replicate it. 

Your CBD Store

The cannabis industry is flourishing in North America after more and more American states and the Canadian Federal Government opting to legalize the drug and collect tax revenues. 

CBD, the non-psychoactive element of the cannabis plant has strongly emerged in popularity over the last decade or so due to its touted therapeutic effects on a variety of ailments.  

Your CBD Store, owned by Sunflora Inc., is the largest hemp retailer in the United States and offers entrepreneurs the ability to open a branded CBD retail store, which is stocked with the brand’s well recognized hemp and CBD products. 

The franchise was founded in 2018 by Rachel and Marcus McQuinn and began franchising in 2020. The brand has seen incredible growth in that period, resulting in 550 locations across 41 states, as well as an international presence with its four locations in the U.K. 

As CBD becomes more commonly accepted and its health effects verified, the taboo surrounding the drug will fall and will likely see more entrants into this growing market. The size Your CBD Store has already grown to will stand it in good stead when competitors come calling in the future. 

Beautifulme rollmassage

Massage brands have been around forever, but Beautifulme rollmassage adds something different to the mix with its roller massage concept. While the technique isn’t new, there are few roller massage brands in the market. Customers will place various body parts on automated, spinning roller over a 56-minute-long session to receive their massage.  

The massage is intended to remove toxins, stimulate the body’s fluid flow, help reduce the lymphatic system’s shutdown and much more. The entire process is fully automated: customers have a large screen telling them how to position themselves, and the roller itself runs on an automated program which does not require staff to operate. 

The concept started in Estonia with Erko Käärats and Kee Abel in 2017, and the pair have managed to grow it to seven locations in Estonia, and have begun their international expansion with a single location in Sweden. 

More and more concepts are turning to automation and eschewing a concept that includes a large staff. This makes it an ideal franchise for bustling cities, where costs can be kept low and customers can expect a certain standard of service on every visit. 

Get a Drip

Get a Drip was born out of hospitalization and life experience. Richard Chambers had been admitted into intensive care with ketoacidosis due to type 1 diabetes-related complications. He was in and out of hospital for the next seven years and was regularly administered vitamin drips as a part of his treatment, and felt rejuvenated after every session 

Chambers did his research and finally founded Get a Drip in 2017. Customers sit for around 45 minutes while the drip is administered, which contains vitamins and other nutrients. Since it is injected directly into the bloodstream, everything is absorbed by the body. The drips are administered by registered nurses and doctors. 

There are currently eight locations in the U.K., and one each in the Netherlands and Ireland. The brand also benefits from having mobile locations as well as the ability to visit customers at home for a small fee. 

COVID-19 has thrust our health into the fore like never before, and people want to remain fit and healthy to ward off any diseases or ailments that may come in the future. With clever branding and marketing of the concept, Get a Drip and similar ventures will find success in major cities around the world. 


Children’s entertainment concepts have always been an evergreen area, with doting parents the world over wanting to give their children a fun time. While many of these tend to be situated in suburbs or just outside of cities, few locate themselves in the city or in malls where there is a ready stream of customers. 

In single locations, Gravity offers multi-level e-karting, augmented reality bowling, trampoline parks and while the entertainment can seem kid-focused, it appeals to the entire family. The brand was founded by Simon Whicker, Harvey Jenkinson and Michael Harrison, who wanted to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the entire family.  

Gravity has succeeded in establishing itself in its home market in the U.K.; where it has 18 locations dotted around various shopping centers and retail areas. The brand also has four international locations in Germany and Saudi Arabia, with a further 14 in development. The brand was founded in 2014 and began franchising the concept in 2017. 

Family entertainment brands have universal appeal, and can greatly benefit from an internationally recognized brand when it comes to safe family fun. As big-box leisure continues to grow around the world, brands like Gravity will become the dominant names. 

IDEA Lab Kids

Children’s education franchises have been around for a long time, but a renewed focus on introducing young children to the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects has created a new generation of education brands. 

One such brand is IDEA Lab Kids, which seeks to introduce children to STEM subjects through art. The brand allows children aged between 4-14 to explore STEM through workshops, camps, classes and even birthday experiences. The idea is to disrupt traditional educational methods and to create an intersection between the arts/social sciences and STEM subjects to make them more appealing. 

The concept was born in 2011 when Ghazal Qureshi wanted to provide her children with an entertaining and enriching experience. Qureshi opted for the franchise model in 2017 and became an international brand, with 14 locations across the U.S. and five in Canada. 

Parents are always willing to part with their hard-earned money if it means their children will be able to learn and accomplish more at school. A concept that has solved the problem of making STEM subjects appealing to younger minds is one that will see significant growth in the years to come. 

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

There are no shortages of fitness concepts in the world of franchising, with many offering slightly differentiated but very similar services to customers. Franchising has become a popular avenue for retired sportsmen to stay busy and to continue working, and the fitness space is no different. 

Floyd Mayweather’s name and reputation as one of the greatest boxers of all time adds tremendous weight to a brand. It further capitalizes on the brand’s namesake by offering fitness workouts formulated by Mayweather himself. The brand also offers a digital workout app, offering another revenue stream and capturing more customers who prefer digital fitness concepts to physical locations. 

The high-intensity fitness brand was founded in 2018 by Mayweather and experienced industry professionals in the U.S. Mayweather Boxing + Fitness grew steadily in its home country and now has 57 locations open or in presale across the country, and recently announced its first international locations in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. 

Mayweather’s reputation as a legendary boxer is solidified and unlikely to change, and will always be an attractive force for the brand. As long as standards are maintained and customers can see innovation as it happens, there is no reason Mayweather Boxing + Fitness cannot become a major player in the global fitness industry. 

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